VentraIP father or mother Nexigen Digital acquires Melbourne digital advertising and marketing company Digital Eagles – Companies

VentraIP parent Nexigen Digital takes over digital marketing agency Digital Eagles from Melbourne

Melroy Fernandes, Matthew Collins-Leslie, Tanja Vucic, Natalia Pereira (Nexigen Digital Digital Marketing Team)

Nexigen Digital, the parent company of hosting provider VentraIP and Synergy Wholesale, has acquired Melbourne-based digital marketing agency Digital Eagles.

Digital Eagles offers marketing services such as SEO, social media, e-commerce and other consulting services. Customers include Bendigo Bank, L’Oreal and Harris Scarfe. The company counts Google and Facebook among its vendor partners.

The takeover will take place after Nexigen has entered the digital marketing sector with its Circular Media Group brand.

“This is a best case outcome for everyone involved in the Digital Eagles business and we look forward to providing operational stability, sound management and an extremely positive outlook for all,” said Cheyne Jonstone, co-founder and co-CEO of Nexigen Digital.

Digital Eagles convened administrators earlier this month after six years in business and named William Buck’s Laurence Fitzgerald as a volunteer administrator.

Following the acquisition, Jonstone said Nexigen will keep the Digital Eagles brand alongside Circular Media but restart with a new look and target SMBs who are new to digital marketing.

Matthew Collins-Leslie, General Manager, Digital Marketing at Nexigen, said, “It is no longer impressive enough to have just one result on the first page.

“Customers expect their digital agency to understand the commercial side of their business, and by bringing together the web marketing experts at Circular Media Group and the industry-leading delivery team at Digital Eagles, our customers have the best chance their brand is heard and their results are delivered become. ”