Even Greater Works

Build the kingdom – one hand for battle and the other for the proverbial bricks.

Poetic Business is proudly dedicated to building the kingdom of God along with its corporate portfolio. We offer full service support to businesses, churches, community groups, individuals, non-profit organisations, and leaders who honestly promote and a dedicated to kingdom development.

Attractive discount and collaborative packages are offered to these individuals. Reach out to us and we will find the right avenues to make your projects a successful reality.

This is a passion to the company, so it will be executed in the right spirit and timeframe, all will be made beautiful in His perfect time.

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    Claim your divine purpose


    We take time to chat a bit on your personal or organisational journey what you have been led to do and how we can further it or help it become reality.


    Our team  after consultation show you what can be done to launch the project be it large or small, through planning, discipline, prayer and execution.

    Advent of Change

    Now you are equipped for battle and more than a conqueror, let it flow through you as the battle is already won. Take your step to greater works today, just chat with us, consultation is free.

    Featured Work

    Affiliate Marketing

    The owner of an affiliate marketing company contacted us to receive help in sales, conversion, social media engagement and overall online command.


    Ministry Work

    Poetic Business has worked with several individuals, churches and community groups to bring about positive change in the world and of course promote a higher level of strength in spirituality.  Aiding people from all walks of life to find their divine purpose.