The Family First Concept

Your family business

Arguably one of the most challenging businesses to manage. We love family businesses, from the love and affection to the bitterness, drama and deceit. We find solutions to the most adverse circumstances. A lot of our portfolio has been confidentially centred along family business management.

It is one of the most engaging and entertaining type of business and carries tremendous cohesion or stability once an agreement is made. It can be successful with the right strategies. Come to us for a free consultation and let us help you give the business you have worked to so hard for, a promising and cohesive future.

­Adapt change and innovation

­Family Communication

­Family Governance strategies

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    Our Strategic Family Management Process

    Our comprehensive family business strategy ensures a well crafted model for your business.


    We spend time building a rapport with you initially and then we start to talk about the business. Essentially, we ensure you are comfortable with us before we make it too business focused. We then touch on your business in terms of its formation and what inspired you to create it.

    About the business

    We begin to focus on the business and its structure, strategies and internal challenges. Then we focus on what can be done to resolve any issues and create strategies for growth and agreement about the way forward. This involves viewing the business from all angles in order to make the most intelligible decisions.

    Conclusive Short term and long term strategies

    An ongoing strategy is developed to address all internal and external challenges. We will provide continuous support for the first 6 months to ensure that your needs and results are attained. Further support can be provided if indicated.