Result Oriented Reputation Management

Increase Your ROI by establishing your reputation

An essential aspect of business is reputation management, regardless of the arguments put forth the statistics and research still qualifies this as an effective way to convert leads.

You may use all the marketing strategies with engaging titles and attractive text but this can mean little with a poor reputation. Your prospects expect a value based service that will truly benefit their lives and their business.

The Poetic Business team can advise you as to the strategies that will best convert your leads through effective reputation management. We will run through everything you need to know including the advantage of customer feedback, reviews and understanding what your customers want.

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    Case Studies

    Affiliate Marketing

    The owner of an affiliate marketing company contacted us to receive help in sales, conversion, social media engagement and overall online command.


    Cafe Lin

    Cafe Lin is a coffee shop that sells a variety of traditional coffees like Cappuccino, Late, Espresso and so on, as well as some specialty drinks and some light pastries, cakes and sandwiches. The owner of Cafe Lin (real name not disclosed) wanted the opportunity to retain some of the customers that come in by