Why Branding Matters?

Stand Out in the Crowd!

Stylistic, strategic and personality driven logos that differentiate you from all competitors. The vision and exclusivity of your brand will be curated by a highly qualified and patient team that want you to succeed.

  • ­Modern and traditional designs for your business.
  • ­Brand personality.
  • ­Strategic approach towards designing or redesigning your brand.

Have a quick chat with our design team and get some free advice on a structure for your symbolic needs and what would best appeal to your consumer base. Then we can take you through our process to complete satisfaction and after sale marketing advice.

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    Our Logo Design Process

    Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


    Understanding your dreams and goals in open communication is essential to a focused and unique concept. The logo will be paired with the brand associations mentioned in our initial conversation. So that the logo elements will communicate brand descriptions and impact consumers in your intended way.

    However, our experienced staff will further critique your idea for creative and marketable enhancements so that it exceeds expectations.


     This is where the balance of space, perception, creativity, innovation and future success all begin to align. Our design team will prepare a few sketches for you to view. Every formula is unique and dependent upon the needs and goals first outlined. Rest assured that you will be managing production throughout the process.


    Our creative directors begin to work with the design team to enhance physical attributes of the logo, in terms of presentation, clarity, context and surface features. The image is then digitized using software to curate an attractive modern aesthetic.


    The more tasteful and sophisticated aspect of logo design is colour. Though it may seem simple, choice of colour is critical to affect, feel, perceptual fluency, branding and appeal. Our design team will help you with colours and the significance behind them as they relate the achievement of your goals.

    Final Logo

    The achievement of symbolic expression is an ineffable feeling. This is your moment, embrace it. Your aspiration and persona of now been met. However, our team will still run through a checklist of appropriateness, style, and affect to ensure that the finished product can leap on its own. Various formats of the logo will be provided to you along with the source file upon request.

    Poetic Business aims to provide you with a logo that is trendy, trustworthy, ageless, and reliable. A symbol that will be remembered and easily referenced by consumers. Trust in the company that will give you the impetus for a visually stimulating brand identity. Trust the dynamic poetry that is in business and contact us today.