Month: December 2020

Xiaomi’s #ChargingHappiness spreads Vacation cheer in New York Metropolis

Xiaomi's #ChargingHappiness spreads Holiday cheer in New York City

In Xiaomi's #ChargingHappiness campaign, the Redmi Power Bank charger is presented with an on-site installation in the Grand Central Terminal Global technology company Xiaomis The #ChargingHappiness campaign brought smiles to the faces of New Yorkers in Grand Central Terminal on December 28th. An on-site installation illuminated the charger from the Redmi Power Bank brand. As

four Methods eLearning is Including Worth To Greater Training

4 Ways eLearning is Adding Value To Higher Education

The higher education sector has gone through a digital transformation. COVID-19 made the move to online learning models essentially mandatory to ensure students can be protected as they continue their education. While many schools viewed the shift as a mere necessity, the eLearning approach can do more than just meet social distancing and similar needs.