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6 TikTok Storytelling Frameworks to Contemplate in Your Advertising and marketing Strategy [Infographic]

TikTok ad creative tips

Want to add TikTok to your digital marketing mix but don’t know where to start and what types of content approaches are best for your products? The key to success at TikTok lies in creating content that looks like other TikTok clips. Over-produced promotions are simply skipped and blatant, annoying ads are less effective in

Mansa Media and APO Group announce partnership to redefine enterprise storytelling in Africa

Mansa Media

Mansa Media (www.MansaMedia.africa), an African news site, and APO Group, a leading pan-African communications and management consultancy, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at promoting the diffusion of business-related content and making investment decisions across Africa. For Mansa, this is an important milestone four years after it was founded. Through this new partnership,