Controversial E mail Advertising Article Might Upset Paid Advert Suppliers

Controversial Email Marketing Article May Upset Paid Ad Providers

Misty Logic publishes a controversial article titled “Building Your E-Mail List” that can cause a stir among paid advertising providers. Further information and the article itself can be found at

Misty Logic published a potentially controversial article, “Building Your Email List,” which is a cause for concern as the article may anger companies and gurus who teach against building an online business email list.

The 600 word article explores the highs and lows of email marketing to provide insights into the things you need to create an email list that will generate income for you. for internet marketers. However, more typically, a specific element of the article is intended to create dissatisfaction among paid ad providers.

Below is part of the piece that vividly illustrates the controversial element:

Because the harsh reality is that even if you have a list, you are not guaranteed money. Because in order for this list to work for you, you need to build it properly while developing a relationship with those on your list. You need a robust email list that you regularly email to. You can’t build a relationship through random emails.

A Misty Logic spokeswoman Jennifer Alwood said, “Of course, Misty Logic never intends to upset anyone on purpose. The primary goal of our articles is to convince those starting an online business that they need to focus on building an email list. However, it is important that we remain true to our true voice.

While our “Building Your Email List” may unsettle businesses and gurus teaching against building an online business email list, it is our duty to our readers. We believe that not just focusing on selling, creating a list that will make you money beyond the initial sale is more important than pleasing everyone. Which is known to be difficult. “

While there has been no backlash so far, chances are, like the article Most Gurus and Those Who Provide Paid Advertising don’t want you to build a relationship beyond first contact.

Misty Logic has been providing in-depth articles in the digital marketing market for a year.

Misty Logic has stated that the website’s future goals are to provide inside information about building a business. Hoping any controversy will quickly pass, Misty Logic reiterates that no offense is or was intended.

You can find the full article from Misty Logic at

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