Why Direct Mail Ought to Be a A part of Your Advertising Technique

Irvine, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Pat Mercuri, President of Managed Direct Response, continues to drive direct marketing power in a post-Covid world.

Covid-19 has forever changed marketing and consumer behavior in many ways. As digital marketing continues to grow, media consumption at home has increased dramatically and people have stayed at home. “We have seen a huge increase in customer activity over the past year,” said Pat Mercuri, founder of Managed Direct Response

Direct mail has become an unexpectedly postmodern way to reach consumers. The other senses are also addressed. A Canada Post study of the power of direct mail found it to be more memorable and compelling when compared to digital media.

“This is also a good time to market your products to a consumer with more disposable income. Working from home has reduced some consumer spending, which gives people more purchasing power, ”said Mercuri.

“To make sure your direct mail efforts are successful, you need to reassess your target audience. Marketing starts with knowing your customer and their buying behavior. Compared to the last recession, the types of products consumers buy are very different. Sales of cars, motorcycles and boats have increased significantly. They languished during the last recession. Many department stores have stopped selling suits. You don’t have to work as usual as you approach your target sectors or industries, ”said Mercuri. “Adapt your messages to the lives of consumers.”

For over 20 years, Pat Mercuri has made Managed Direct Response one of Orange County’s premier direct marketing companies. Managed Direct Response has extensive lead generation expertise for mortgage, automotive and solar companies.

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