What Are the Pink Flags for Figuring out Coaching That Did not Work?

What Are the Red Flags for Identifying Training That Didn't Work?

When you invest in your learning and development program (L&D), you want to get positive results. However, not all training sessions are carried out. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

It is not always easy to find out if your training is ineffective. However, there are some red flags that could indicate a problem. If you want to determine if your program is working, you need to monitor the following.


As a rule, effective training leads to an increase in productivity. Workers acquire new skills or are more confident in their skills so that they can be successful in their positions.

However, if your training was not appealing or did not cover any area of ​​knowledge that empowered your employees, you will not see a productivity boost. In fact, you might even see their outputs fall.

If your training program doesn't increase productivity, it's time to revise the course. Otherwise, you're just investing in something that clearly doesn't work.


Top performers generally long for opportunities to grow professionally. They prefer employers who offer robust and dedicated training opportunities, as these programs can help them achieve their career goals, continue to feel challenged, and advance them.

If your learning approach works, sales tend to improve. Thanks to the higher level of job satisfaction, fewer employees will go to the door.
However, if you launch a new training program and sales either do not improve or deteriorate, this is a warning sign. Your strategy could be ineffective and likely affect work experience. If so, this could encourage your best and brightest to look elsewhere for opportunities that are affecting your retention metrics.

Customer satisfaction

How your customers rate their interactions with your company can also be used to measure the effectiveness of your training. If your employees feel capable and competent, they can easily navigate in customer questions. In addition, they can do so with confidence and improve the quality of the interaction.

If your employees have knowledge gaps, they are usually not as easy to support customers as with better information. In addition to having difficulty providing accurate information, you may also feel insecure about what can affect the quality of the interaction. If you offer training in areas that are always a problem with customer complaints, it means that your program is not working.

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