Ursula Burns employed to steer the puzzled consulting agency Teneo | Enterprise

Ursula Burns hired to lead the puzzled consulting firm Teneo | Business

Former Xerox CEO Ash Lovers has been named chairman of Teneo. Teneo is a confused consulting firm still grappling with the aftermath of the CEO’s resignation due to drunk behavior in the party.

Burns’ appointment will go into effect shortly, according to a company announcement. She is no stranger to Teneo and has been the company’s Senior Advisor since 2017. She is also a customer of the company.

“As chairman, I will continue to focus on advising and growing Teneo’s customers and building a world-class corporate culture,” Burns said in a statement.

Her appointment comes one week after Declan Kelly resigns as Chairman and CEO. Last month he announced that he had made “a careless and openly embarrassing mistake” at a party in early May. The Wall Street Journal said Kelly “acted inappropriately” and “touched a woman without consent” at the party.

Due to Kelly’s actions, he was removed from the board on May 3 and General Motors stepped down with Teneo as an advisor, the newspaper said. Shortly thereafter, Teneo appointed Paul Keeley as CEO.

Burns was the first black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company when he was in charge of Xerox.

Ursula Burns was hired to run the confused consulting firm Teneo | Companies

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