[UPDATED] 101 Finest Electronic mail Topic Traces

[UPDATED] 101 Best Email Subject Lines

Welcome to the 7th annual rate of
The 101 Best Email Subject Lines from DigitalMarketer!

In this post I have 101 PROVEN,
Wipeable subject lines for emails that are available to you. And if you are one
You can find our email subscribers at
with a probability of at least 20% that you have played a role in determining the origin of the product
list. If this applies to you, please prepare for a small déjà vu. 🙂

You are reading one of
the most relevant blog posts ever, Here you will find more than just subject lines, I will break
Write down the 8 components of each good subject line AND you will receive an analysis
of our 10 most powerful subject lines from 2019.
When you're done with this post, you can:

1. Start deconstructing and reproducing the elements of YOUR
Most powerful subject lines …

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If you're new to the postal industry (or email marketing in general), take a minute
Familiarize yourself with the basics of email subject lines.

are 8 different components I always found our top performances
E-mail subject lines …

1. Self-interest

This is your bread and butter topic
Lines – you should use them most often.

They are usually direct and speak to a
Specific benefits for your audience by opening the email.

Subject lines with self-interest also help
You can pre-qualify openers by giving them an indication of the content of your email.

2. Curiosity

When subject lines work with self-interest
because they convey a direct benefit, curious people succeed for them
exactly the opposite reason.

They arouse the interest of the subscribers
without giving out too much information, which leads to higher openings.

But be careful because
curious subject lines can quickly become out of date and are most likely to be overlooked
their brand.

3. Offer

Do you like free stuff Do you like
Buy things when they are for sale?

This is how your email list works.

If you give something away or
Sell ​​something your subscribers would be interested in and state it directly
That in your subject line is a great way to convince them to open the email and
Learn more.

4. Urgency / scarcity

This is the most powerful type of
You have the subject line at your disposal.

Subject lines that communicate urgency
and scarcity tell readers to act now.

But too many of them can lead to a list
Exhaustion, so use it sparingly and of course only if there really is one
Deadline, limited quantity or limited availability.

5. Humanity

Don't forget to remember your list
the person or people behind your products.

Sometimes you have to thank yourself
Subscribers, tell them a story about yourself or humanly appeal to them

6. News

Keep your audience up to date with news
Developments in your field create authority and keep your opening rates high.

These subject lines often work well, though
combined with a strange element.

7. Social proof

A fundamental characteristic of humans
is that we pay attention to the behavior of others when making decisions.

You can use this in your email
Subject lines by mentioning individual success stories, familiar names or
Highlight how many people are already using a product or service.

8. History

Tell a story or at least tease that
The beginning of an entry in your subject line is a unique way to highlight benefits and benefits
Get the opening price you want.

As for our best subject lines of the year … here they are.

The 10 best email subject lines of 2019

10. bad news, NAME 😔
CONTENT: Execution plan for Facebook Messenger Flash Sale
OPEN RATE: 19.21%
ANALYSIS: William Shakespeare said brevity is the soul of the joke. While this subject line may not have been exactly what the playwright had in mind, it closely connects curiosity (a vague, negative explanation in the form of "bad news") and humanity (the use of the first name field, a thoughtful emoji) , and lower case letters that weaken the edge of "bad news"). Anyone who saw this in their inbox knew something was wrong so we could address it in the subject line, but not so wrong that I had to take Title Case apart.

9. Content is king (and queen)
CONTENT: How do I create a Pillar Blog Post Workshop sale?
OPEN RATE: 19.29%
ANALYSIS: While maintaining the taste of curiosity, I became declarative with it. To see how most of our email list, in one form or another, identifies itself as a "marketer" and what practically all marketers need these days … I knew I took one of the key levers in the industry and used the well – known Bill Gates phrase, "Content is King," as a declaration of departure that would separate us as an authority in this area, I would provide our subscribers with valuable information and get a few openings.

8. 11 copywriting books you should (probably) read…
CONTENT: blog entry
OPEN RATE: 19.64%
ANALYSIS: Benefit, benefit, benefit. If you read this subject line, you will know exactly what you are getting into. The only oddity that came into play was "WHAT ARE THE BOOKS?". And this simplicity made it one of the easiest topics to work on this year. The logic was simple: people love odd numbers, texts, books, books about texts and the passive encouragement of a friend to read more often.

NOTICE: If you have all the ingredients for a hit, you don't have to be smart.

7. The ultimate list of blog post ideas
CONTENT: blog entry
OPEN RATE: 19.86%
ANALYSIS: Do you remember what I said about our audience's relationship with "content" in number 9? The same applies to blog posts. 🙂 So if there was an "Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas", I would have a guess that our subscribers would not like us any less. Again, you don't have to be smart if you deliver EXACTLY what your audience is looking for.

6. Video ads
CONTENT: Billy Gene Shaw Video Ads Workshop Sales
OPEN RATE: 19.9%
ANALYSIS: "BUT WHAT ABOUT VIDEO ADS ????" ← In our eyes, this was the ideal question for our subscribers when the subject line "Video Ads" arrived in their inbox. I played with the awkward, vague boldness of combining an "it" marketing topic with a lower case subject line. There was no thesis. There was no indication of where I would go with it. There was nothing fancy-schmancy. And it felt great.

NOTICE: Pattern interrupts WORK.

5. (Announcement) Messenger marketing with Molly Pittman
CONTENT: Molly Pittman Facebook Messenger bot workshop sale
OPEN RATE: 20.38%
ANALYSIS: 2019 was a noisy year in an already noisy world. And while pattern breaks are a great way to get attention, sometimes you have to scream with the crowd. And in the world of subject lines (CAPS COMBINATED WITH BRACKETS) has no substitute for attention. They combine this with another "IT marketing topic" like video ads AND an industry authority. He played with elements of curiosity, supply and self-interest.

4. Email marketing announcement: Registration is open again 🙂
CONTENT: Ryan Deiss / Richard Lindner email marketing machine workshop sales
OPEN RATE: 21.56%
ANALYSIS: This is a classic case of self-interest, supply, curiosity and humanity, all of which are enclosed in a simple, coherent subject with 7 words. How do I do that? I picked up on another of the most popular digital marketing topics (also known as something our audience is very interested in) by pointing out that registration is open, NOT explicitly indicating what the offer is, and a personal touch of the Humanity added with a classic smiley face emoticon.

3. Netflix's huge homepage fails
CONTENT: DM Insider Newsletter
OPEN RATE: 21.64%
ANALYSIS: In the past decade, the words "error" and "netflix" have not usually been used in the same sentence. When the streaming service tested a lackluster homepage in 2019, I used it for our weekly email newsletter and thus for a successful email subject line. As you can see, this is neither chic nor clever. It is neither loud nor punctual. It is important to us to present the information as briefly as possible and exactly as it should be. If you name one of the most successful companies by name, indicate a misstep and AVOID clickbaity bells and whistles. You will get real curiosity.

2. Ryan Deiss is FAKE
CONTENT: April's Fools Day campaign
OPEN RATE: 23.64%
ANALYSIS: In case you don't know, Ryan Deiss is the co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer (and also the sender for about 98% of the company's email). When our team decided that the best April Fool's joke we could draw was a Deiss campaign that existed somewhere between the Illuminati and the tooth fairy …

… I knew that one of the greatest challenges for us was to make the humor as credible as possible. And in this case, our subscribers have chosen me. That said, "Ryan Deiss is FAKE" earned second place in the list because it won a 3-way split test determined by our email subscribers.

NOTICE: When you get meta, do it ironically.

CONTENT: Black Friday Sale Close
OPEN RATE: 27.28%
ANALYSIS: Sometimes you just need CAPS LOCK and a single word that screams URGENTLY as loud as it can be shouted in text form. Oddly, the word that screams URGENCY better than the word "urgency" is not "urgency".

It turns out to be "CANCELED".


Apparently, this question has become so curious that this subject line takes first place in a year in which DigitalMarketer sent more emails than ever before.

Now that you know what opened the top 10 the most, here are the other 91 top email subject lines that round us down to an even number of 101.

91 Additional email subject lines to delete

• ⏰ My email templates for copying and pasting are in 3… 2… 1…
• $ 200 discount in 3… 2… 1…
• NAME, are you in the 41%?
• (WEEKEND UPDATE) NAME's traffic strategies for 2019
• Your ads (probably) suck
• TOP T & C 2019 takeaways
• Your step-by-step plan for the next marketing frontier
• 2.3 billion head start for $ 7
• (SWIPE) My updated FB ad templates
• Your free FB ad templates are waiting for you, NAME
• Your free download is waiting, NAME
• Invitation from (OPEN) NAME to Ryan Deiss during office hours
• How to create a video studio on a budget
• Video studio on a budget?
• (SWIPE) 15 templates for virus videos
• I don't see your name on my list, NAME
• The answer: strong __ marketing
• This email is about email 😱
• (E-MAIL MARKETER) Get certified. Defeat Amazon, Uber & Old Navy.
• Get an email certification for an 80% discount
• The ONLY email metrics that matter?
• ⏰ Only a few hours to get an (EMAIL) certification with an 80% discount …
• (SWIPE FILE) Learn how to write headlines with more clicks
• (READ & SWIPE) Learn how to write headlines with more clicks
• (LAUNCH 🚀) How do I write a Pillar blog post that sells?
• (NEW RELEASE) STOP publishing new content daily
• (VID) Write a "pillar" item that Flat Out sells
• (CONTENT MARKETER) The meaning of a unique angle
• ICYMI: How do I write a PILLAR blog post that is being sold?
• READ: Increase conversions by providing a consistent ad experience
• Ad scene: Increase conversions by providing a consistent ad experience
• The second (and last) chance of NAME
• NAME – Your 21-tier paid traffic plan is waiting
• 1 day to get a proven (TRAFFIC) rollout plan?
• (EARLY ACCESS) July 4th Sale
• NAME's special early access to our "July 4th Flash Sale"
• ANNOUNCEMENT: Up to 90% DISCOUNT on our best-selling products
• Don't say I didn't warn you 😬
• the skills every copywriter should know (but most don't)
• Would you like to perfect your LinkedIn profile? Check this out.
• Re: Would you like to perfect your LinkedIn profile? Check this out.
• (REMINDER) 2_ days left to save $ 400!
• (QUIZ) The second most visited website
• This email is not about Facebook.
• This is my (next) last email to YouTube.
• This is cumbersome, but …
• that's it 🙂
• Leave your “brand” behind. Instead, create a "place"
• This email is about retargeting ads.
• "Your baby is ugly …"
• You have 5 (ish) hours ->
• This is an email about paid ads.
• This email is NOT about Halloween.
• Problem No. 7: Google rankings decreased? Blame BERT
• ⏰ LAST CHANCE: DigitalMarketer Lab is in 3… 2… 1…
• say goodbye
• Your Black Friday order
• NAME, do you have a few minutes to talk to me in person?
• the “Blitz Launch”… defined
• It happens tomorrow …
• (URGENT) the 2020 marketing plan you've been waiting for
• the "nice" list
• NAME achieves an ROI of 4,400%
• Day 5: The most important skill in marketing
• I have an eagle = July 4th savings for NAME
• Getting a handle on Billy Gene's step-by-step video ad formula?
• (ICYMI) Create a video ad that will be sold with Billy Gene Shaw
• (SWIPE) 15 fully populated video ad templates + FREE notes
• What is digital marketing?
• "The A team of paid traffic"
• (ANNOUNCEMENT) Completely new paid Traffic Mastery course
• Paid traffic: ISSUE 2019
• _ INVITATION: To the world's best marketing community
• (Last reminder) Up to 85% discount on our best-selling products in 3… 2… 1…
• left 30 minutes left to save thousands?
• 🚀 a brand new start model
• Are "traditional" starts dead?
• Save $ 200 on your BEST 2020 marketing strategy?
• VIP access from NAME to 12 days full of deals!
• the hustle
• This is not a "SALE!" – email
• ✉️ Up to 80% DISCOUNT on our best email training?
• Are you increasing your sales 49% faster than the competition?
• (VIDEO MARKET) Save Hundreds and Inventory NOW for 2020 …
• 👉 Up to 85% DISCOUNT on our best (COPYWRITING) strategies
• NEW OFFER: USD 944 DISCOUNT on our best transportation strategies
• (TODAY) Save 83% on our Best Customer Acquisition Tactics
• Prepare for our “essential” training courses by 2020 with 85% DISCOUNT
• 📢 (ANNOUNCEMENT) Now save every DigitalMarketer product up to 85%?

Aaaand …


If you are tired of reading "NAME" and seeing "(CLAMP WITH WORDS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS)", there is a good reason:

Last year it was (REALLY POPULAR FOR US, NAME).

In fact, of our 101 best 2019 email subject lines, 23 used the CAPS BRACKET field and 15 the First Name field.

Another cool find?

While our average subject line was 6 words, our TOP 3 of 2019 were all less than 5 words.

REMEMBER AGAIN: Brevity is the soul of the joke and patterns interrupt work.

My thoughts?

There will never be a "golden subject".

And that's GOOD news, because formulas lead to stagnation. And stagnation causes your subject lines (and hence your emails) to be white noise.

As far as I know, the subject lines for emails last year (in CAPITAL LETTERS) and under 5 words this year's subject lines could be "All Emoji" or "5 hyphens and ampersands" (whatever that is).

That being said, I'm not going to confuse it with "who knows" because there are certain guidelines and best practices to follow.

And if you can combine the best practices mentioned, a little creativity, the power of split testing and the application of the scientific method …

… you have a pretty solid formula to consistently pump out the profitable subject lines.

Huh. Maybe some formulas work.

Food for thought.

However, if the content of this post can serve as the basis for best practice and the creative part of my little game, it's done.

Now get to work. 🙂

(NOTE: Would you like to see which subject lines were on the list last year? What about the year before? You can view the last 6 YEARS of the main email subject lines (that's more than 600 subject lines) The ultimate subject line for email, Sign up for one FREE DM Insider Account to get here instant access!)