Unite Digital Launches New Regional Advertising and marketing Platform with Mitsubishi Motors Direct-to-Seller Promoting Marketing campaign for 2022 Outlander

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

Tier III program harnesses Mitsubishi Motors’ purchasing power directly for dealers

Contains the hit song Thunderstruck by AC / DC, which captivates consumers with its iconic varieties in combination with a rapid creative implementation

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, me., October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Unite Digital, LLC, a digital marketing company focused on digital programs for OEM certified dealers, lead optimization, retail integration, and loyalty strategies, today announced the launch of a new regional marketing platform for the brand new Mitsubishi. 2022 known Outlander, which allows Tier I creatives to be customized with AC / DC’s hit song, Thunderstruck, with dealer branding and offers.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

“Mitsubishi is leading the disruptor in this area by creating a connected customer experience that combines the marketing power of the OEM with the sales power of the local dealer,” said Stacey Coopes, Founder and CEO of Unite Digital. “Most OEMs do not offer distributors custom broadcast assets for use in their local markets. For years, OEMs have pooled regional advertising budgets but sent traffic to separately branded Tier II websites. As a result, many customers leave the brand confused by a disjointed shopping experience. “

Unite Digital’s regional marketing platform unifies the shopping experience by allowing merchants to incorporate their branding and price points right into high-budget advertising that drives traffic straight to their own digital properties. The result is a truly seamless customer experience that leads to increased lead volume.

“Mitsubishi is a small automaker, but we have big products on the market right now. When customers see the top-notch functions and capabilities of our vehicles, they are thrilled, ”said Mark Chaffin, Chief Operating Officer, Mitsubishi Motors North America. “We have the product, and now Unite Digital is helping us build our brand with groundbreaking ideas that cut the clutter and help consumers connect directly with our dealers.”

The story goes on

A pilot project for the new regional marketing platform that ran for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in the spring Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out resulted in a 50 percent increase in lead volume at participating retailers.

“The Eclipse Cross campaign has been a real success and Mitsubishi has done a great job communicating with the dealership organization and using the national advisory committee as a sounding board to develop a marketing strategy that works,” said Ryan Gremore, President, O’Brien Mitsubishi. “Combining the Outlander with a classic, recognizable song like Thunderstruck will be an absolute dynamite and reinvigorate the customer base. Advertisements at Tier III level will further invigorate our brand.”

Why it works
Unite’s approach leverages high quality OEM media, music, and creative to provide retailers with personalized broadcast, radio, digital, and social assets with a direct message to the retailer that would not reach a single retailer’s budget.

By delivering Tier I advertising at the Tier III level, the following is achieved:

  • Increases reach and effectiveness by delivering a consistent message with the same high-quality advertising, product and service functions.

  • Offers a comprehensive set of assets for broadcast, digital and networked television with integrated dealer price points, logos and URLs.

“As OEMs review their Tier II strategies, they should consider approaches that leverage their purchasing power with high-quality creatives to connect consumers directly with local retailers to drive traffic and sales,” said Coopes.

The success of this practice signals that US industry’s long-standing practice regarding secondary marketing funds continues to be subject to disruption.

How it works
Mitsubishi is funding the asset development and dealers funding their own advertising budgets to place the ads in their local market. This allows dealers to tag and rate Mitsubishi’s TV and radio spots with AC / DC’s legendary hit Thunderstruck at any level appropriate for their market.

Mitsubishi Motors’ new “Thunderstruck” campaign was developed in collaboration with The Sussman Agency in. developed Detroit. The agency worked closely with MMNA, Unite Digital, and its reseller partners on the National Advisory Board to ensure a cohesive and memorable set of creative outputs that differentiate the brand for a national audience while providing a coordinated and targeted platform for locally customized executions.

Director: creative veteran Susan Stallings, the high-energy spot is characterized by synchronized sound and light, inspired by the reaction that the Outlander evokes again and again when people experience it in person.

About Unite Digital:
Founded in January 2016 from industry veterans Stacey Coopes, Unite Digital helps brands connect with their channel partners and technology solutions to deliver unparalleled digital experiences. Unite Digital’s focus includes building certified digital programs, digital marketing, traffic generation, lead optimization, online-offline retail integration, and customer loyalty strategies. The management team has more than 125 years of combined automotive and digital experience from strategic leadership, global business development, brand positioning and marketing, sales and service optimization, and information technology. More information is available at



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