Tourism Eire launches ‘I’ll return’ movie with Publicis•Poke

Tourism Ireland launches 'I will return' film with Publicis•Poke

Tourism Ireland inspires and reminds people of Ireland's beauty in the film "I will return" by Publicis • Poke

Tourism Ireland has started a film entitled "I will return" with the advertising company, Publicis • Poketo inspire people and to remind us of Ireland's timeless nature, culture and history that will all be waiting for us once the COVID 19 crisis has subsided and people can travel again.

Publicis • Poke was inspired by the literary greats of the Emerald Island and created a poem to bring the beautiful landscapes of the country to life in an emotional 50-second film. The film captures the resilient spirit of the place and its people, and aims not only to offer people the much-needed escapism, but to fill their hearts with the knowledge that this will soon pass.

Dave Monk, Executive Creative Director of Publicis • Poke, says: “We may not be able to travel or visit the beautiful landscape of the island of Ireland at the moment, but with a few beautifully written words and some delicious pictures you can conjure up a feeling that nothing is on the world can block. "

The film was released worldwide in seven different languages ​​on social media.

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