The way to Create Seamless Panorama Slide Photos for Instagram

How to Create Seamless Panorama Slide Images for Instagram

In today’s Photoshop video tutorial, I’m going to share some useful tips for creating visually interesting panoramic posts on Instagram that seamlessly pan back and forth to display a larger image in the regular viewport area. These types of posts are perfect for wide images that you can’t seem to crop into square proportions, or to add a little creativity to your social media profile. There are all kinds of apps that can achieve this kind of effect right on your mobile device. However, as professional designers and photographers, it is helpful to create our images manually in order to have full control over the result. I’ll show you how to use Photoshop to crop your images to the correct ratio. There are 3 different size options that you can take into account when processing your own images.

► 2x square pictures – 2: 1
► 2x portrait pictures – 8: 5
► 3x square images – 3: 1
► 3x portrait pictures – 12: 5

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