The New Digital Advertising and marketing Traits of 2021

Video is the future and it won't be any different in 2021.

Video is the future and it won’t be any different in 2021.

By Maddie Amrutkar

Like everything else in the world, the pandemic also had an impact on marketing. Virtual platforms replaced the personal experiences of consumers and therefore it became imperative for marketers to re-strategize and re-plan their marketing campaigns. With most companies forced to switch online, traditional marketing practices became a thing of the past and paved the way for digital marketing.

In the coming year, more and more companies will use this practice because digitization is inexpensive and productive at the same time. It is best for marketers to take advantage of this opportunity as it resonates with the current generation that make up a large part of the consumer base today.

Here are some of the digital marketing trends all marketers should be looking for:

Live stream and micro videos will be the future:

Video is the future and it won’t be any different in 2021. Given recent events, it is expected to grow faster than expected. A recent study shows that live video exploded 99% in 2020.

With social distancing regulations in mind, more and more people were turning to video to stay connected and video conferencing became the new normal.

As the general population became more familiar with video, other video streaming platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and even LinkedIn became part of the norm with their live streaming capabilities.

It has therefore become imperative for marketers to view this as a marketing opportunity to expand their reach. It has also become imperative for them to invest in microvideo as that is where the traction lies.

User generated content will grab attention:

Consumers today want the peace of mind that they are not making a bad buying decision and this is where user generated content comes in. User-generated content is the best word of mouth strategies brands can employ in the age of social media. More and more companies are turning to social media to promote their products online, but not in traditional ad format.

User generated content includes videos, images, and reviews that brands repost on their pages. This strategy is open, real, and extremely reliable for consumers. It also confirms the notion that people trust other people when they make new purchases.

It has been proven that people are more likely to buy products when someone else is promoting them, and marketers can use this to their advantage.

Brand activism will find support:

The world has seen an increase in environmental, social and political activism over the past year. It is therefore essential for brands to talk more about responsibility.

80% of consumers believe that businesses should help improve the environment, work towards sustainability, and support causes such as equality and mental health.

Consumers are only willing to connect with brands or companies that share the same values ​​as them. Otherwise, marketers run the risk of losing an entire generation of consumers.

Linguistic and visual search will be the focus:

The invention of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana paved the way for an increased number of voice searches. The majority of households today own a smart speaker and use it for quick searches.

Conversational marketing will change the way brands interact with their consumers. Chatbots help create a personalized experience for consumers.

Tools like Google Lens also allow consumers to search visual elements

Hence, it has become critical for marketers to design their websites to support language and visual search, and to focus more on image alt-text and sitemaps for images.

Brand content is becoming better known:

Today’s consumers want to feel like something has been sold. They believe in subtle marketing through branded content.

Research shows that branded content is around 20 times more engaging than display ads and has the potential to attract more consumers. Branded content doesn’t force-feed consumer advertisements, but rather adds entertainment, experience, and value to marketing strategies.
Branded content can create trust and connect with audiences.

In summary, social media is becoming the top channel for buying and not just for discovering the products. Marketers need to develop digital media strategies and get a consumer to buy products without leaving social media pages.

The author is the founder and CEO of Glad U Came

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