The Greatest Classic Fonts Each Designer Wants in Their Toolkit

There are many vintage fonts, but not many have been expertly crafted by a talented typeface artist who lives and breathes the vintage aesthetic. The Vintage Font Bundle by Heritage Type Co. contains 6 fonts designed by Tobias Saul, whose inspiring vintage logos and font designs have been featured several times in showcases on Spoon Graphics. These beautiful fonts authentically reflect the style of the late 19th to early 20th century fonts and are packed with features such as alternate characters, ornamental graphics and even pre-made logo templates. The package is currently being offered at a 70% discount, but I've teamed up with Heritage Type Co. to offer Spoon Graphics readers an additional 10% discount code, so the final price is $ 44. Use the code SPOONGRAPHICS during checkout to secure the best price!

The Vintage Font Bundle

The Vintage Font Bundle contains 6 fonts in different styles that can be used individually or in combination to create perfectly complementary font pairs. It contains the Blackriver font inspired by old packaging designs. Royal Signage based on vintage sign art; the Victorian style Old Alfie and his duo Old Erika; Brilon, inspired by the Art Deco era; and the elegant Mirosa, which alone has over 400 alternative characters!

Additional logo templates and ornaments

The package also includes 25 pre-made logo templates and font layouts for Adobe Illustrator, as well as over 200 decorative elements and frames that allow you to easily create your own beautiful, vintage-style designs.

How to create an ornate logo design

In this in-depth tutorial by Tobias Saul, you'll learn how you can use these fonts and vector elements to create custom graphics to create an artful logo design, from concept to exporting the final design files. The sample design uses the Royal Signage and Old Erika fonts, as well as some of the included vector ornaments from the collection, to create a beautiful vintage brand.

Benefit from the code with an additional discount of 10% on the current sales price SPOONGRAPHICS to buy the Vintage Font Bundle for $ 44.

Buy the Vintage Font Bundle for $ 44

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