Technique specialists launch new consultancy division after file 12 months

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The Scottish corporate strategists have announced record results and have now launched a new business consultancy.

Sales and profits have increased Genoa black Customers have sought support to help their businesses grow.

The company claims it gained 25 new customers in the past year in sectors such as energy, food and beverage, life sciences, and manufacturing.

The company has also hired five new employees. Another eight appointments are planned for the coming months.

The latest results show that sales are up 24% year over year and profits are up 26% to £ 423,000.

The new division, known as Genoa Strategy, has opened a new office on George Street in Edinburgh and is led by Gaynor Duthie, who was named Managing Partner last year.

Gaynor Duthie (above) heads the new Genoa Strategy Division after being named Managing Partner last year.

Gaynor Duthie says: “This is a natural next step for the company.

Since launching Genoa Black in 2013, we’ve built a reputation for providing advice based on research, not just opinion.

“The more complex a company and its market, the more important it becomes to provide advice that we know is important.

“There is an unacceptable level of light-touch advice, and the fact that 86 percent of our new business comes from referrals is testament to the effectiveness of the advice we offer.

“The Genoa Strategy was developed to provide business advice to complex SMEs and companies aimed at companies that value growth.

“We have held our own in the current environment due to our customer relationships, our employees, our culture and the quality of our advice.”

The new department has a diverse team of strategists whose experience covers the breadth of complex B2B companies and the challenges they face.

Laptop - Business News ScotlandPhoto by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash. Genoa Black supports companies with challenges in areas such as growth planning, business positioning, business intelligence, marketing penetration, sales strategy, personnel management and leadership as well as digitization.

Rob Potter, Director of Client Strategy, commented, “Strengthening our team in the current climate will help clients capitalize on the growth opportunities available to them as the economy slowly recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Now is the time for companies to recognize that it is time to act.”

The existing Genoa Black business will continue to focus on providing strategic branding and marketing services to its customers for economic impact.