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Why True Buyer Motivations Are Usually Missed

Why there is often a lack of real customer motivation

In 1997, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen published his first seminal paper, The Innovator’s Dilemma, which set out what he called “Disruptive Innovation”. It took a few years for the book to catch on, but eventually its well-founded, well-documented, and counterintuitive approach found deep resonance with innovators around the world. Then something strange happened.

Wall’s requires happiness to develop into the true measure of social progress

Wall demands that happiness become the true measure of social progress

Wall’s new manifesto suggests that happiness resides in social connections and communities, while also calling for happiness to become a recognized marker of social progress According to a new manifesto of the global ice cream brand wallsPeople around the world are demanding that happiness be recognized as a marker of social progress. The insights launched