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7 explanation why you possibly can profit from Enterprise Expertise

Business technology

© Wrightstudio Nick Russell, Managing Director of Xonetic, explores how the Business Technology Framework can help companies make better use of technology In today’s world, digital transformation is ubiquitous. But what does that really mean? I think the most important concept is that “digital” means a whole new way of working and thinking. It’s not

100 companies to report on efforts to learn society

100 businesses to report on efforts to benefit society

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has confirmed that more than 100 companies have supported their Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics initiative, which encourages companies to report consistently on their efforts to achieve societal goals beyond the pursuit of profit. Companies that have committed to introducing the metrics since early 2021 include Enel, Ericsson, Hyundai Motor Group, Swiss

Why particular profit testimonials are one of the vital highly effective advertising and marketing methods for your small business

OPINION: A highly profitable marketing strategy that can help you attract a large number of new customers to your business (without lowering margins or prices) is: Let your best customers sell for you. And that is the guiding principle for specific benefit testimonials. The sad truth is that most business people and professionals don’t use

How nearshoring service fashions can profit companies

How nearshoring service models can benefit companies

Digitization has not only brought technology and innovative tools into our daily lives, it has also changed the way we do business. Kateryna Boiko – director of the Ukraine-based nearshoring specialist Mobilunity – writes about the advantages of nearshoring over outsourcing as a service model. IT outstaffing agencies as well as outsourcing providers enable companies

Google provides ‘about this outcome’ function to ship extra data about search outcomes, will retailers profit? – Advertising

Google “about this result” goes online in the USA (Image: Google) Google added a new “About This Result” feature that lets searchers get more information about a search result before they click on it. This means that the search engine will automatically display information from a brand’s Wikipedia list in the search results to help