SpiderTech advocates towards Covid-19 with newest suggestions and developments

SpiderTech campaigns against the latest tips and developments against Covid-19

SpiderTech introduced facial protection strips that act as a barrier between the user's face and his mask or glasses to prevent skin abrasion

It was said that those who are not part of the solution are part of the problem. And if the recent actions are an indicator, the team is on SpiderTech takes this feeling to heart. Especially when it comes to improving the quality of the face mask, education and access to protect healthcare workers and the public from COVID-19.

Until recently, SpiderTech was a brand known primarily to millions of athletes around the world who use their pre-cut kinesiology tape to relieve overworked muscle pressure and pain. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has increased brand awareness. Nowadays, the company is becoming more and more important in terms of the correct fit and comfort of face masks for both healthcare workers and the general public.

Earlier this year, SpiderTech introduced Face Protection Strips, a new kinesiological tape that acts as a barrier between the user's face and his mask or glasses to prevent skin abrasions, among which healthcare workers are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 , prolonged use causes infection and serious health problems.

Now the company has gone to YouTube to inform the public about how to make an effective DIY face mask from materials that have proven to be most effective in a recent study by SmartAir, which was highlighted in the Huffington Post and used kinesiology tape to form the required protective seal.

SpiderTech has also signed up as a supporter of the non-profit masking together at the leadership champions level. Masking Together is committed to ensuring that hospital staff across Canada who care for COVID-19 patients are provided with adequate coverage of medical face masks.

"I think we got a little obsessed with face masks. In the right sense. We took this path to support the brave medical professionals who literally wore the scars of their work. To be honest, it was a no-brainer for us. We saw a problem and knew that we had the expertise to find a solution – and we did, ”said Dr. Nick Martichenko, SpiderTech.

“It has evolved from there as our passion for solving the challenge has grown. We are now offering public education about building masks at home and business support for nonprofit efforts to protect healthcare workers over the long term. "

SpiderTech was founded in 2009 and is a division of NUCAP Industries – With more than 25 years of successful track record in the development of safety-related products. More information can be found on the website. Visit for more information on creating a face mask from any fabric at home. At you can find out how you can participate in Masking Together

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