Riverside Digital Advertising Company Helps Native Companies Be Discovered

Riverside Digital Marketing Agency Helps Local Businesses Be Found

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, Nov. 2, 2021 / – Local businesses in the greater Los Angeles area have a new ally on the path to quality brand growth. Sprinkles Media, a Riverside-based digital media agency, offers its clients a variety of marketing resources to aid brand growth.

Sprinkles Media, based in Riverside, California, has been keeping a close eye on the pulse of the marketing world across the country. But lately Sprinkles Media has shown its expertise in the immediate riverside area.

“Sprinkles Is For Winners” bears the bizarre motto of the digital marketing agency Riverside. And besides being a catchy slogan, it turns out to be an apt phrase given the company’s success.

Small businesses in the Southern California area saw Sprinkles Media almost immediately, and it couldn’t have gotten off to a better start for this digital media agency.

Help Your Brand Grow: Meet the Creators

Tyler Eisenhart and Jess Park, the founders and veterans of digital marketing, started the company in early 2021.

Park came from paid social media advertising, which focused on developing and executing strategies for small to medium-sized brands and e-commerce.

Eisenhart has a paid search advertising background that focuses on large, multi-location and subscription companies.

While working in various industries, they saw significant inefficiencies in communication, strategy, and implementation – much of which was due to the immovable, set in stone practices of corporate agencies.

Aside from providing a glimpse into their digital marketing vocabulary cheat sheet and other handy digital marketing blog posts from the aptly named confectionery maker, Sprinkles Media simply aims to help businesses grow.

The Sprinkles team supports local companies with its expertise in collaboration with nutrition coach Tania Mack and the famous subscription service Lootcrate. Irvine Orthodontics, for example, is increasing its reach through extensive local SEO measures, website redesigns and in-depth social media marketing.

Case in point: help for Hestia hardware

Hestia Hardware, a kitchen hardware company, recently took advantage of Sprinkles Media’s wide range of digital marketing tools.

The Sprinkles Media team got to work after an initial consultation. They set out to build a strong Amazon presence for Hestia, along with some robust social media marketing.

After working closely with the Sprinkles Media team, Connie Chiu, CEO of Hestia Hardware, said this about the digital media agency.

“[Sprinkles Media] Our success is very important to us and you took the time to understand our industry. They always stay ahead of the trends in the marketing industry and suggest tactics on how to keep our company’s marketing at the forefront. They also help us redefine our brand and have supported us with lead nurturing. Sprinkles Media does not save their sprinkles for your treats, just like their services always do everything to make you smile. “

And the testimonial is well deserved: Sprinkles directly helped Hestia Hardware achieve record sales – five times its original monthly sales. That and an impressive triple return on ad spend, which essentially makes the partnership between Hestia Hardware and Sprinkles Media a marketing slam dunk.

And Ms. Chiu isn’t alone: ​​other Los Angeles companies are enjoying the benefits of hiring the Sprinkles Media marketing team.

Find out what makes your company tick

If you’re thinking about growing your brand, why is it targeting your audience? In other words, what makes it tick? An early bias might be to take an inventory approach to building your brand through generic SEO campaigns and DIY website design.

The agency for digital media warns: “The biggest pitfall for companies is the belief that there is a unified approach.”

To counteract this practice of forcing companies into a generic form of marketing, Sprinkles Media meets with customers and plans possible strategies with them.

Park explains, “There is no one size fits all because all companies are different. Some industries do well on certain platforms, but USP can determine what does better within an industry. And even for companies in the same industry and the same USP, the price point will affect where and how they should advertise. “

For example, Irvine Orthodontics will have a different search engine optimization or advertising strategy than Lootcrate.

A decisive success factor of Sprinkles Media lies in the marketing activities of the founders and the services they provide for their customers. Starting with a free digital marketing consultation, the Sprinkles team helps potential customers identify their company’s pain points.

What essentially works? What not? What needs to be improved? These questions will help Sprinkles determine the digital marketing pathways and advertising strategies.

Help with the branding process

Branding is a big thing. It communicates what your company stands for, your values, mission and goals. For local Los Angeles businesses, Sprinkles Media spends a lot of time and effort perfecting the branding.

Sprinkles Media’s branding approach includes:
Create a creative identity – what does your company represent? How would your brand communicate if it were a person? Sprinkles Media takes the values ​​and goals and translates them into a brand identity so that you can connect with your consumers in a meaningful way.
Typography System – People love a good font, and Sprinkles Media will work with you to determine which font will not only go with your website design but will resonate with customers as well.
Development with Mobile Optimization – The responsiveness of your website on all platforms is crucial for further success. Sprinkles Media ensures that your newly branded website is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. That way, your customers won’t miss your messages.

Branding is more than just choosing an attractive logo. The Sprinkles Media team uses in-depth market analysis, market research, and digital marketing experiments to determine what your customers are most responsive to.

Painless advertising

It’s no secret that your business relies on compelling advertising strategies to increase brand awareness. Sprinkles Media approaches paid advertising with a broad network. You and the agency for digital media will discuss which platforms work best for you, depending on the unique selling point and industry. Whether Google Shopping, Amazon, YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Sprinkles has a strategy for this.

Before starting an advertising campaign, the agency for digital media outlines possible performance indicators and performance targets. Do you want more followers? More leads? More return on advertising spend? A consultation with Sprinkles Media will give you a better understanding of what to focus on in the future.

After the start of the advertising campaign, Sprinkles Media no longer performs; Get timely weekly reports, monthly calls and more, depending on the campaign. A / B testing, removing wasted ad spend, and doing regular searches are part of Sprinkles Media’s approach to helping you promote.

Communication is Key: Sprinkles Media’s SEO efforts

A significant part of Sprinkles Media’s expertise lies in search engine optimization. It’s a simple but effective process.

Keywords help websites reach their target audience every day, and local businesses and Fortune 500 companies benefit from a good keyword strategy. Sprinkles Media starts with the research by covering all of your basics.

Search Volume – How often relevant keywords appear in Google searches each month.
Keyword Relevance – How relevant the selected keywords are to the website pages of your industry and your company
Keyword Difficulty – How difficult it would be to rank in the Google SERPs for a particular keyword
Competitive Research – Sprinkles Media looks at what the competition is up to in your industry and how well they are ranking for the same keywords.

Starting with keyword strategies to maximize exposure and increase the reach of your website, Sprinkles Media gets to work to meet your personal business goals.

The result is relevant and compelling web texts, blog posts and other content.

What does this mean for local businesses?

Sprinkles Media says in its own words:

“We go above and beyond for our customers because at the end of the day your success is our success … in the end it doesn’t matter what we like or think it works best. The numbers will speak for themselves. “

And that’s what they say: The digital media agency Riverside has helped the famous subscription box service Lootcrate to increase sales by a whopping 64% while reducing overall advertising costs. But that is one of many similar cases with the clients of the digital media agency.

Sprinkles Media is a breath of fresh air for local companies on the west coast. With a commitment to a unique, bespoke approach to any business and a passion for helping brands grow, Sprinkles Media is proving to be an agency to watch for for the near future.

Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup founded in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach that covers all aspects of digital marketing.

Businesses can benefit from free consultations, custom branding, website development, SEO, and more.

For more information on Sprinkles Media, please visit the official website.
To meet with Sprinkles Media for a quote, contact the digital media agency.

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