Riot Video games appoints Francine Li as VP of Model Administration and Advertising and marketing

Riot Games appoints Francine Li as VP of Brand Management and Marketing

Francine Li, earlier from Netflix, has been named the new vice president of brand management and marketing for game developers Riot games.

Li will be tasked with building a portfolio of brand marketing executives responsible for multiple game genres and developing integrated marketing campaigns. Riot Games also noted that Li comes at a “crucial moment” for the company.

(ESI illustration) Photo credit: Riot Games, Francine LI

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The new VP of Riot Games comes from a diverse background with 15 years of brand marketing experience. Most recently, Li was the Global Brand Marketing Strategy Lead for Netflix. Li also worked for Procter & Gamble, Lay’s, ESPN and the digital marketing agency BBDO.

Speaking to AdWeek, Li commented, “Building emotional bonds with consumers is something I’ve always been passionate about. Riot’s unwavering dedication to its players across the gaming and entertainment landscape has brought people together to build real relationships that I find really inspiring.

“I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure and help create more authentic and emotional experiences to usher in the next generation of fans.”

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Interestingly, Francine Li isn’t the first new Riot employee with high-level Netflix experience. Former Netflix executive Brian Wright joined Riot Games in September to lead the game publisher’s new content efforts. Wright is expected to run a new Riot Games studio and produce content.

The company will also launch its first animated television show, Arcane, later this week.

Esports Insider Says: Top people like Francine Li will undoubtedly enhance Riot’s marketing and partnership efforts. The experience Li brings will be invaluable as the company seeks to work on different media platforms.

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