Recruitment agency goals for the highest after difficult first 4 years in enterprise

“/>Source Solutions co-founders Simon Horspool (left) and Tom James with Monika Dabrowska, the Innovation Director at Fareham Innovation CenterSource Solutions co-founders Simon Horspool (left) and Tom James with Monika Dabrowska, the Innovation Director at Fareham Innovation Center

Tom James and Simon Horspool founded Source Solutions four years ago and survived the dangerous beginnings of a new business and the challenges of the pandemic to make their mark in the recruiting industry.

The company, which provides recruiting solutions for IT and engineering, moved to the Fareham Innovation Center 18 months ago.

Source Solutions is now on the right track to tap new revenue streams after Monika Dabrowska, the centre’s innovation director, took care of them.

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Tom, from Portsmouth said, “Simon and I started the company with an old mindset of meeting goals and working on that wool-dyed basis. It was an eye-closed approach and the first few years were tough.

“That changed when we moved into an office with two desks. Our eyes were opened as the center actively helps residents improve operations and achieve long-term goals.

“It’s important that we deliver results efficiently to our clients and candidates, but Monika made us look beyond that and take steps back to work on the business rather than the business.”

Tom added, “If you’ve never run a business, don’t leave it to chance that you’re lucky. The best you can do is mentoring professionally. We took advantage of the centre’s internal business coaching from structure to goals, with the brand’s focus on quality over quantity. ‘

Monika said: ‘Source Solutions is a successful consulting firm that is planning its future instead of falling into the trap of taking every day as it comes. It was enjoyable to see Tom and Simon achieve their goals and share their experiences with other occupiers in the center.

“Before the national emergency, there were 31,140 recruiting companies in the UK. Source Solutions is well positioned to gain competitive advantage.”

The Fareham Innovation Center is operated by Oxford Innovation, the UK’s leading innovation center operator, on behalf of the Fareham Borough Council, the owner of the building.

There are 55 serviced offices, 20 workshops and a range of meeting rooms and conference facilities.

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