PUMA broadcasts partnership with artistic director, June Ambrose

PUMA announces partnership with Creative Director June Ambrose

The partnership will also go beyond the product. Working closely with June, PUMA will commit to using its social impact platform, empowering youth, and advocating equality in sport

Global sports company PUMA announces a new partnership with creative director and legendary image maker June Ambrose. June will help PUMA redefine what it means to be stylish in sports. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in creating culture-defining moments, June brings a fresh look to athletes and audience clothing.

June will take a holistic branding approach, expanding her design eye across categories and ages for girls and women collections throughout 2021 and beyond. June came to PUMA through her longstanding relationship with JAY-Z, who is the creative director for PUMA Hoops.

"Jay (Jay-Z), Emory Jones and I had many conversations about style, sport, purpose and heritage," said June Ambrose. “From these conversations Jay introduced me to Bjørn Gulden (CEO of PUMA) and Adam Petrick (Global Director of Brand and Marketing at PUMA). Adam and I shared our visions and my impact on culture as a whole. Because of these interactions, I knew that working with PUMA would be nice and go well beyond the product. "

June's role as a creative partner underscores PUMA's continued focus on creating premium offerings that combine style with performance. June will apply her expertise to a number of moments and collections at PUMA throughout 2021, including, but not limited to, an exciting PUMA Hoop Exclusive and a Title Nine collection inspired by June's passion, brave everywhere to celebrate fearless women who stand up and walk the distance, no matter how great the challenge, while being stylishly fit at the same time.

“I want my work with PUMA to encourage dialogue about Title 9 and equality. It is incredible to have the opportunity to bring a collection to market for an underserved women's basketball division, ”said Ambrose. “I want athletes and all women to feel fearless and inspired when they wear the pieces I have designed. I want to create
A place where young girls and women feel empowered on and off the square. "

"June is an icon at the intersection of fashion, music, culture and purpose," said Adam Petrick, global director of branding and marketing for PUMA. "Having the opportunity to bring someone with such talent into the world of sports is unique and we are excited to see how they redefine what it means to create a sportswear collection."

The partnership will also go beyond the product. Working closely with June, PUMA will commit to using its social impact platform, empowering youth and promoting equality in sport.

"The connection between style and sport is timeless and I've always wanted to give my shot," said Ambrose. "Beyond the collections, it is important to me that the collaboration is based on social impact, and PUMA's work on social justice to empower youth through sport makes them the perfect partner."

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