Progress on the agenda for resourcing consultancy start-up

Growth on the procurement agenda for consultancies

lr: Ben Usher and Andy Gibson

A Liverpool-based resourcing consultancy founded by a seasoned team is looking to expand after launching during the lockdown.

Talent: ed was founded by General Manager Andy Gibson and Operations Manager Ben Usher with the goal of helping organizations maximize their investment in people.

After early success on a number of global projects, the company, chaired by Kevin Chappell, aims to develop its domestic customer base.

Talent: ed’s customer base focuses on four key areas including resource acquisition, assessment, strategy, and transformation and change. This includes private equity, telecommunications, legal, digital retail, and financial services companies of all sizes.

The company aims to be a “progressive partner” who disrupts the more traditional practices of the transactional recruiting, recruiting and advisory departments.

“People are often seen as a key element of an organization,” said executive director Andy Gibson.

“However, if you only review or check them in once a year, it smells like an approach that is similar to a MOT on a car.”