Porsche launches newest digital service “Porsche Monitor Your Dream”

Porsche launches the latest digital service

With Porsche Track Your Dream, customers can track their dream car from production to delivery

Most people are familiar with tracking a package by mail, but few deliveries are eagerly awaited like one Porsche in the driveway. With the company's new digital service, "Porsche Track Your Dream", customers who order a 911 sports car can follow the journey from production in Germany and across the Atlantic to their final destination at the dealership.

“Buying a Porsche is a special moment that should be as personal as possible. It is part of the experience, when anticipation increases, to realize that the order is being placed and waiting for delivery. With the latest digital service, our customers can follow every important phase of their new car when it leaves our home in Germany, ”said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA). "This service provides future owners with a convenient way to stay up to date before they see their car here in the United States."

The customers of the luxury brand receive a clear link after ordering. This will take you to the online platform and you can follow your car through 14 milestone events. This includes order creation, freezing point for vehicle changes, production updates, ship departure from Germany, port entry into the USA, arrival of the dealer and much more. Background information on each milestone is available, while a countdown shows progress in miles and days.

Porsche Track Your Dream is integrated into the My Porsche web portal as a key component of the digital customer experience. Property aspects such as service planning, financing and Porsche Connect functions are dealt with here as soon as the car arrives in its new home.

Porsche Track Your Dream will initially be offered for 911 sports cars ordered by customers. Future plans include the registration of the fully electric Taycan. The service is provided by Porsche Digital, Inc. and was developed in close collaboration with Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

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