Pokémon refuses to GO away

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Pokémon has been around for a while, the newer version of the game (Pokémon GO) has helped generations of Pokémon lovers connect with each other. It’s just been the fifth year since the augmented reality version of the game was released. Unsurprisingly, the title is making more money than ever before. Despite the current circumstances.

Pokémon has made a huge cultural impact with its games, collectibles, TV series, and movies. In 2016 when a game came out that allows you to catch your own Pokémon and train them in gyms in the real world, millions have been intrigued. The augmented reality game Pokémon GO was a huge success. Thousands were seen walking through the cities trying to catch their favorite Pokémon.

Despite the game’s initial success, it appears that the Magnetic bait module began to wear out. Although there may no longer be mass gatherings of people looking for Pokémon as some players move on, as well as due to government lockdown measures. The title actually makes more money than ever.

Pokémon GO, app, game, successPokémon GO thrives in year 5.

Pokémon GO has seen both good and bad since its first release. The app generated $ 207 million (USD) in its first month for San Francisco-based developer Niantic, but that profitability shouldn’t last. The player base dropped sharply in its first year of release, and after drawing over 250 million people a month at launch, the game had been played by fewer than 50 million people by December.

Along with a decline in the number of players, there was a collapse in profits. Nonetheless, the game’s profitability changed in 2020, and in the background it seems that way Pokémon GO is here to stay.

Corresponding Business with apps, Pokémon GO made $ 1.23 billion in 2020. That is significantly more than when the company had a huge increase in players in its launch year, resulting in sales of $ 0.83 billion.

After a slump in 2017, the player base has risen again to 160 million. However, many will still be surprised to find that the game is making more money than ever, especially during a pandemic.

The game changed its strategy during the pandemic. Instead of encouraging people to run around Pokémon GO offered players an increase in incense effectiveness while sitting around, gyms were accessible from further away, and the game also dropped more gifts. This apparently kept fans busy when stuck indoors.

The game publishes a blog entry, explain, will encourage people to go outdoors again in 2021. Possible adjustments will surely be pointed out to keep players busy as they return to some sort of normalcy.

Pokémon GO has seen several changes in its 5 years, changes to the gameplay to keep people interested. In this way, the free-to-play game has succeeded in making parts of its gameplay for commodification. In turn, it becomes successfully more profitable.

It is clear that after a wild collapse in the popularity of the games, Pokémon GO successfully adapted. 2020 was the year for this popular app. We wonder if they can continue the success after the lockdown restrictions are lifted and players are told to return to the wild this year.