Obtain My New Set of 10 Free Halftone Strains Textures

I have created many brushes and textures based on halftone dots on Spoon Graphics, but halftone lines are a fantastic alternative pattern that allows you to add detailed retro effects to your artwork. This new collection of textures for free halftone lines contains 10 high-resolution graphics with a disturbed appearance, which consist of even diagonal lines at an angle of 45 degrees. The halftone screens were created from disintegrated texture images, making each pattern with a series of line widths unique. Each texture is delivered as a standard JPG and PNG file with a transparent background to ensure maximum versatility and compatibility with all types of imaging applications.

Download my new set of 10 free halftone line textures.

Download this new pack of 10 free halftone line textures to add detailed pattern effects to your designs. They are ideal for creating subtle backgrounds or for unsettling your artwork by placing them on text, photos, or illustrations.

Download my FREE halftone line textures