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The finishing touches to any retro or vintage design is to make a number of adjustments that reflect the aesthetics of the low-cost printing methods used for old magazine, comic, and matchbook prints. Ink bleeding, misregistration, and visible halftone dot patterns are all side effects of cheap offset printing on cheap paper, but the visual features that used to be mistakes in the printing process are now desirable effects to give retro artwork the look of modern art. My FREE Adobe Photoshop Bad Print Action lets you turn your crisp digital designs into nostalgic retro prints in one click!

My FREE Photoshop bad print promotion converts your artwork in 3 steps. One: ink effects reproduces the appearance of high ink absorption with irregular edges and bleeding corners and converts all colors into halftone screens; Two: misregistration separates the black areas of the design and moves them as if the printing plate was misaligned; Three: texturing Applies worn ink and paper textures to the artwork to add the fine details of the grain and affected areas where the print is worn. Apply only one, two, or all three effects with the "Add All" action.

Download my FREE bad printing promotion