NYX Skilled Make-up launches “Proud Allies for All” Pleasure initiative

NYX Professional Makeup starts

In collaboration with the Los Angeles LGBT Center, NYX is creating the first virtual Pride March and an Ally Education Platform

NYX Professional Makeup has announced the launch of the Pride initiative "Proud Allies for All", which aims to educate the audience about what it means to be an ally of the LGBT community.

With states prescribing home stay orders and social distance, NYX Professional Makeup will turn a mix of offline and online activities into a virtual celebration of pride. The campaign is brought to life with a unique virtual pride march and a digital platform for educational resources developed in collaboration with the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

On June 1st, NYX Professional Makeup plans to launch “I March for”, a virtual pride march. Consumers are encouraged to take part in the virtual march by downloading and posting an image of themselves using a custom Instagram filter "Proud Allies" available on @nyxcosmetics Instagram. They tell whom they are marching for and nominate someone to join them in the march. The brand plans to publish all images of "Proud Allies" on social platforms to celebrate the virtual march in June.

In collaboration with the LGBT center in Los Angeles, NYX Professional Makeup will set up a platform for digital educational resources on the brand's website, offering a range of video training.

The video training curriculum provides a breakdown of the basics of understanding the LGBT community: formal definition of L, G, B and beyond; how to use correct pronouns when addressing members of the LGBT community; relevant information on LGBTQ + resources; and how to be an active lawyer and community ally.

The Proud Allies for All program is a one-year initiative that solidifies NYX Professional Makeup's long-term commitment to the LGBT community. Worldwide, NYX Professional Makeup works to ensure that all employees complete their allies training to officially establish the brand as a safe place for the LGBTQ + community.

"NYX Professional Makeup has always been a brand that proudly promotes and represents inclusiveness," said Yann Joffredo, Global Brand President. "Although we can't physically get together to celebrate Pride, we're excited to bring the community together through our virtual initiatives, including the first virtual Pride March and our thoughtful platform for educational resources for allies."

NYX Professional Makeup donated more than $ 50,000 / £ 40.6,000 to global LGBTQ + organizations, including the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Donations were supported by a variety of activities, including Livebeat – an exclusive streaming series on the brand's e-commerce platform – where the brand donated $ 1 / £ 0.81 for each view in their current live tutorial Has.

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