Nike companions Good360 to donate footwear to healthcare professionals

Nike partners with Good360 to donate shoes to healthcare professionals

Nike donates more than 140,000 shoes, clothing and equipment worldwide

In recognition of the frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 worldwide, the winner of the World Branding Awards, Nike has announced that the brand will work with nonprofits, Good 360in the United States and local organizations across Europe to donate more than 140,000 shoes, clothing and equipment worldwide.

The efforts are led by thank-you messages to health professionals. From one athlete to another, Nike athletes recognize the physical and mental resilience of athletes in healthcare.

Athletes joined Nike to announce the donation of 30,000 pairs of Nike Air Zoom Pulse to healthcare systems and hospitals in Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis and New York City, and within the Veterans Health Administration. Another 2,500 couples will be donated to hospitals across Europe, including Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London, Milan, Paris and Belgium.

Introduced in November 2019, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse was the first shoe designed for the healthcare professional, an everyday hero. Fit, cushioning, and traction systems work together to secure the foot in hospital conditions – and all solutions have been completed along with considerations from physicians at Oregon Health & Science University and Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Air Zoom Pulse donations in the United States are managed by the non-profit organization Good360, a longtime Nike partner that specializes in inefficiently distributing product donations. This partnership ensures the delivery of shoes to healthcare systems and hospitals when they are ready to receive and deliver them to their employees. About 95,000 pairs of lightly compressed soccer socks for healthcare workers in Los Angeles and New York City are also delivered via Good360.

Nike has donated 1,100 Nike Sportswear kits – including a drawstring bag, water bottle, hat or headband and socks – to healthcare workers in New York City. Across Europe, Nike has donated nearly 4,000 pairs of shoes and more than 3,500 sweat-wicking Dri-FIT garments to more than a dozen hospitals and animal shelters.

The Nike family has joined forces to serve communities and support COVID-19 response efforts in communities around the world. The executives, employees, Nike Foundation and Nike of Nike have committed more than $ 25 million / £ 20.2 million to these efforts, including $ 2 million / £ 1.6 million in employee donations since mid-March through a two-to-one game, needy community organizations were supported.

Nike teams have also partnered to develop and donate full face protection and powered PAPR (Air Purifying Respirator) lenses to protect healthcare workers from the corona virus.

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