Mohd Zaki : Digital Advertising Professional Rising His Ventures Throughout The Globe

Mohd Zaki who is a Digital Marketing Master was born on November 7th, 2002 in Ghaziabad. The young business visionary will soon be 19 years old. He has already achieved so much for his age. He maintains various organizations as well as he has also founded an NGO for children.

About his ventures

Zaki is currently running various computer-aided advertising organizations such as Firenetinfotech and a few more. He also runs the AsianTimesNow, TheGhaziabadTimes, News8India and much more too. Either way, the venues are full and flock with the latest news identified with the universal happening on the planet, by and large even in the areas of finish, style, photography, and quite a bit more.

Zaki is a persistent person and won’t stop anytime soon. He has big dreams of bringing his organizations up to a level so that his work is noticed all over the world. Even now he is dealing with a number of customers inside. In addition, he is praised for his work in India as well as internationally.

Two or three years ago after the pandemic, digital marketing was expected to be the “accompanying immense thing”. In addition, what I said happened. Unpredictable people offer their hands a chance on the field.

The hour of the pandemic was when pre-production went through a complete upheaval. This was the time when Zaki sincerely tried and won the attention of the most extreme numbers of customers. Currently, Zaki’s organization manages more than 100 customers worldwide, as well as n Indian customers.

Define open inputs.

Zaki did not simply emerge on a higher level to achieve his dreams and pulled a phase closer to them, but also opened other doors by giving them occupations in his association. The gathering tried earnestly to remain aware of the mutual respect and correspondence during the long periods of the pandemic.

Zaki once pointed out: “It is not my constant effort alone anyway, similar to the congregation that has worked with me all the time.”


Aside from these ventures that make Zaki a good fortune, he also founded an NGO to help others too. He devotes all his heart to this selfless act. The name of the NGO is ZANAM FOUNDATION.

ZANAMFOUNDATION is a non-productive, non-administrative association (NGO) that helps children in emergency shelters and ghetto regions. Zaki himself is promoting the establishment of ZANAMFOUNDATION.

ZANAMFOUNDATION was founded before the world was hit by COVID-19. The enthusiasm for helping children is so strong among individuals who work for the NGO that even the infection could not suppress it.

Their only intention is to provide poor children with everything they need for development and basic cleanliness so that they do not experience the dire effects of illness. Justified consideration of their eating habits is taken into account; You will get natural products, juices and what not to follow in a sensible diet.

The youth is the ultimate fate of our country. How their lives will be shaped will determine how they will shape the future fate of our country. The NGO tries to give the chance that everyone deserves, ”says Mohd Zaki.