Matte Photograph Impact Photoshop Actions for Premium Members


Access All Areas members can download a great collection of Photoshop Actions this week made available by Shapeshift. Instantly give your photos the popular “matte” look with this collection of pre-made Actions for Adobe Photoshop. Each of the 15 actions apply a different effect, including light, medium, and heavy matte looks, plus a selection of creative options with different hues.

Shapeshift provides high quality design resources for graphic designers and illustrators. You’ll find a range of tools for creating popular art styles and effects to help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently! Check out the unique Vintage Engraving Lines texture pack, which gives you a range of detailed line patterns to reproduce one of the popular aesthetics of the vintage design style.

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Matte Photo Effect Photoshop Promotions for Premium Members

This Photoshop Actions Set includes 15 photo effects that will give your images a matte look inspired by classic photo prints on matte (as opposed to glossy) paper. Choose from a range of effects that will edit your image to varying degrees, some with interesting tint options to add nostalgic vintage effects to your photos.

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