Mashreq Financial institution Egypt appoints Ragia Samir as senior vp, advertising and marketing head

Mashreq Bank Egypt appoints Ragia Samir as senior vice president, marketing head

Mashreq Bank has appointed Ragia Samir as Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing in Egypt.

Ragia has more than 20 years of experience in marketing in Egypt and North Africa. She has worked in a variety of sectors including information technology, electronic and digital marketing, telecommunications, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and electronic devices.

She has held many positions in various international companies such as Amazon, Samsung, Vodafone and British American Tobacco in North Africa. Before joining Mashreq Bank, she worked as a marketing manager at Amazon.

Amr El-Bahi, CEO of Mashreq Bank Egypt, said: “The marketing sector is important to Mashreq Bank Egypt because of its role in communicating with different customer segments and enhancing the Mashreq Bank Egypt name in the Egyptian market, which leads to the growth of all sectors would lead. “

Amy Peters, Group Head of Marketing at Mashreq Bank, said: “We are very excited to have Ragia join us to lead the marketing sector in Egypt. Her extensive marketing experience in Egypt and abroad is a new addition to our bank. I look forward to working with her to realize our ambitious growth plans in this sector and emphasize effective communication with all of our customers in Egypt. “

For her part, Ragia Samir commented: “I am very pleased to be joining the Mashreq Bank Egypt team. The banking sector is currently experiencing drastic changes that are maximizing the role of digital marketing. Above all, the marketing department helps the bank to make its digital products and services available to all customers easily and effectively via various marketing channels. “

As part of its successful strategic efforts to expand its presence in China, Mashreq Bank opened its new representative office in Shanghai.

The office serves as a single point of contact and coordination for the development of the banking business between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of China and will also act as an intermediary for Chinese companies that wish to establish and develop their business in the international geographic areas in which Mashreq Bank is active is.

Ahmed Abdel-Aal, Group CEO of Mashreq Bank

Ahmed Abdel-Aal, Group CEO of Mashreq Bank, said: “The opening of our representative office in Shanghai is a strategic step in our efforts to strengthen our presence in China.”

He added, “The new office will help us realize our vision for the Middle East and North Africa. It will give us the necessary knowledge and expertise about the banking services sector in China. We are proud of this important achievement and look forward to exploring opportunities for further growth and expansion. We assume that the Belt and Road Initiative and the growing bilateral relations between China and the United Arab Emirates offer great trade and investment potential and opportunities. “