Maple Leaf Meals expands efforts to assist well being care suppliers

Maple Leaf Foods is expanding its efforts to support healthcare providers

Maple Leaf Foods is expanding its efforts to support front workers, communities and healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.. announced plans to take immediate action to further support its frontline workers, food aid and health care providers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures include a weekly bonus for hourly staff, an investment of approximately $ 2.0 million / £ 1.7 million to support emergency food aid, and an investment of $ 2.5 million / 2.1 million GBP into a new front line personal health care fund during this crisis.

"In this global crisis, we are forced to look beyond our business and do everything we can to support the many committed people who continue to provide the critical services that we depend on and the most vulnerable in our society," said Michael McCain, President and CEO.

“We encourage all companies with resources and capacities to do everything possible to add their support. Together with the governments, we can make a significant difference to tackle this pandemic and restore our public and economic health. "

Maple Leaf Foods' expanded efforts focus on four main efforts:

Firstly, to support essential staff. The production of safe, nutritious food is an essential service that is made possible by the commitment of people who work in our production and distribution facilities. As of now, Maple Leaf Foods provides its hourly employees who work for a safe food supply with one $ 80/ $ 68.37 additional support payment per week, in addition to regular pay and overtime pay.

Second, in partnership with the Maple Leaf Center for Food Security MeasuresMaple Leaf Foods will support critical efforts by food security organizations to meet the rapidly increasing needs. In addition to the recently pledged $ 500,000 in financial and food donations / £ 426,665.00, Maple Leaf Foods and the Center will launch a campaign to raise an additional $ 2.0 million / £ 1.7 million to support emergency relief efforts Finding groceries across Canada.

Third, Maple Leaf Foods donates $ 2.5 million / £ 2.1 million to the Canadian Frontline Healthcare Professionals Protection Fund (CFHPPF), a fund set up by hospital foundations across the country, to provide additional support to healthcare workers to provide front line.

As a large Canadian food company, the production of safe food is at the heart of Maple Leaf Foods' activities. Our knowledge of the supply chain in food-safe, pathogen-controlled environments can provide transferable practical knowledge of how to ensure the safety of Canadian manufacturing and supply chains.

Maple Leaf Foods will work with its peers and partners in the public and private sectors to coordinate knowledge sharing and expertise forums to combat this pandemic and protect our supply chains as we deliver key services.