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Brands find new ways to communicate value

As we get used to living with a global pandemic and the resulting economic consequences, brands and advertisers are changing the way they communicate with customers in our “new normal”. In their trend report updated by COVID, JWT Intelligence says, “Hugs and handshakes are off. Fingers lick too. And since half the world is closed, standard advertising backdrops – sporting events, busy streets, family reunions, holidays – now seem wrong, if not downright dangerous. "

How long will it take? A survey conducted in the US in March found that some of our new behaviors; Face masks, the "elbow push" instead of a handshake, social distance … everything could be with us for a while. Some of the highlights of the survey:

  • 70% of those questioned assume that they will again visit restaurants, cinemas and sporting and cultural events
  • 35% expect avoiding hugs to become the new normal
  • 36% expect further social distancing
  • 41% don't expect to kiss someone on the cheek again in greeting
  • 43% do not expect to shake hands

Big brands meet customers where they are. And right now they are in a world that is less oriented towards touch and social gatherings. There is increasing emphasis on domestic and digital life, cleanliness and personal responsibility to help the world overcome the pandemic. Some brands show us how we can adapt to the reality of our customers.

Heineken has a long history as a responsible brand. The brand has used its world-famous creativity to create campaigns like "Enjoy Heineken Responsibly" and "If You Drive, Never Drink" that have had an impact. As bars were particularly hard hit by the pandemic, Heineken launched a "Back to the Bars" campaign as part of a broader global initiative for #socializeresponsibily.

The global campaign is part of a larger plan to support the hotel / restaurant / catering sector by celebrating reopening in a way that reminds people to behave responsibly. It seems that by following the safety rules in our "new normal" people can help keep bars open and keep going out with friends. (The bars here in Seattle are still not open.) The committed call to action is: "Socialize responsibly to keep the bars open."

The increasing value of user-generated content

Back in March, Jack Daniel published an ad entitled "With Love, Jack" that highlighted the power of the human mind to find new ways to stay connected. Speaking to The Drum, Matt Blevins, Jack Daniels & # 39; Global Brand Director said: "It was our goal to show how our friends around the world came together and united in these times. It was about capturing real moments that help people find social connection, which is what Jack Daniels celebrates. "

Jack Daniel's spot also shows what a strong re-trend in user-generated content could be. For professionals who have worked from home and parents who have taught their way through endless zoom meetings at home, our expectations of polished, professional content have likely dropped, opening up new opportunities. With Hollywood struggling to get back to normal, some suggest developers are increasingly turning to user-generated content because filming is either interrupted or difficult and live events are canceled. Sam Blake writes: "Audiences and entertainers are hungry to connect online and connect in an authentic way."

When big cultural events happen, brands need to listen and watch for signals that may be ignored if the status quo is working properly. It is a time for creatives and executives to work together to develop new strategies that will help the brand thrive by meeting customers where they are.

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