Blog enterprise profile: ConnectUp and Jo Hompstead  

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New Forest-based ConnectUp “makes a positive impact on people’s working lives by recognizing the human need for meaningful connection at work and with our work.”

ConnectUp logoConnectUp is a consulting and training company. It provides both guidance and in-house training to businesses of all sizes that need help managing the ins and outs of their business. These are the people who control the processes that actually make the business possible.

The engine of most businesses is all of those key people who do the work to implement the plan and turn the wheels to get the results!

This is of course very relevant in these still strange times. In some companies, some employees have been and are on vacation, others have worked harder than ever before. Tensions can build up.

Many companies have passed the mill and it is far from over. Employees often recognize the pressure that their bosses are also under. It is difficult for owners and managers to hide their fears when the very survival of their business is at stake.

In every company there are individual employees who have suffered more or less from the pressure that comes from a year at Covid. Think of bans, the death of loved ones, and the emotions that arise from not being able to visit parents or partners in nursing homes. We do not need to formulate all additional personal challenges in addition to those that already exist in today’s hectic life.

ConnectUp’s premise, which few will question, is that people work best when they are treated well, motivated, and “connected” – with each other and with their managers.

Then the whole is usually greater than the sum of the parts: A team that works well together has the strength, individual effort, skills and productivity to increase.

Jo HompsteadIf this sounds relevant to your business, visit the ConnectUp website and give Jo a call now for a chat.

The key message is that management is focused on the needs of each individual

This is where Jo Hompstead comes in, with her HR education, background and experience, and with skills constantly kept up to date through continuous reading and learning.

Jo’s first career was in the human resources departments of large companies like John Lewis and Waitrose, responsible for recruiting, training and development. She has seen and experienced in the heart of the organization how management focuses on the needs of individuals in their roles.

As Jo says, “For me, it’s a piece of cake for people to be at their best when they are treated as people and not just as assets.

Why don’t we want work to be a fulfilling and meaningful place for people? For people only, but it also makes commercial sense. “

Jo HompsteadJo is of course curious about what makes people tick, to influence how people feel at work and how they behave at work. She is known for building trust early on and encouraging employees to open up and tell her how things really are so that she can really get to the point of what is going on.

“I enjoy helping executives and business owners unleash the potential of themselves and their employees. I am known to work as a trusted advisor and confidante, bringing ideas together into meaningful action and bringing insight and intelligence into problems. “

ConnectUp not only offers workshops and thinking spaces for small businesses and team leaders, but also works with large teams and entire organizations.

“ConnectUp helps teams reconnect, reset and move forward together with clear goals, expectations and harmony. I solve all problems and make it easy to create plans that everyone can participate in. I can do this with you virtually or in person Here in the New Forest, I offer the best mix of advice, facilitation and training to build connected work. “Jo Hompstead, Founder and Owner of ConnectUp.

Learn more at, give Jo a brief introduction to your situation and needs, and take it from there!