LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor unveils the “IONIQ Idea Cabin”

LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor unveil the

LG and Hyundai work together to bring convenience to electric vehicles

LG Electronics Company and Hyundai engine presented the "IONIQ Concept Cabin", a collaboration that combines the know-how of both companies in terms of lifestyle comfort for consumers and personal electric vehicles (EVs). This concept takes full advantage of the more spacious interiors made possible by electric vehicles that are not burdened by combustion power plants and mechanical components.

The IONIQ Concept Cabin from LG and Hyundai is equipped with a number of amenities that make this room a home away from home. For example, a capsule coffee maker brews the perfect cup for the morning commute, a compartment under the seat dries and refreshes shoes before you reach your destination, a cloakroom manager helps keep clothes clean and reduces wrinkles while driving, and one Mini fridge keeps drinks chilled.

In addition to comfort and convenience, the most striking feature of the IONIQ Concept Cabin from LG and Hyundai is the flexible OLED display that covers a large part of the ceiling of the vehicle interior. The rear passengers can adjust the degree of curvature of the display with intuitive hand movements for the optimal viewing angle.

The huge 77-inch OLED screen can be split so that both rear passengers can enjoy different content at the same time. Headrest loudspeakers create a personal sound zone that does not affect other passengers.

Innovation continues when people leave the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle is empty, a push bar wipes the floor clean, picks up crumbs and mops up spilled material. At the same time, ultraviolet ceiling lights disinfect the interior of the vehicle to reduce germs and other microorganisms.

“LG has been very involved in connected car solutions. At CES 2020, we demonstrated a personalized in-car experience that allows drivers and passengers to take a piece home with them on the go, ”said Lee Chul-bae, Head of LG Electronics' Corporate Design Management Center. "With the IONIQ Concept Cabin we are taking this experience to the next level by working with Hyundai, which brings real mobility expertise to the table."

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