Leeds-based administration consultancy Potentuel to offer strategic response to modifications attributable to pandemic

Potentuel operates internationally from offices in Leeds and Essex. It is led by Steve Tolton and Matt Thompson with a team of researchers and communication experts to run projects.

Mr. Thompson is the former Marketing Director of Autotrader and the global vehicle data business Solera cap hpi, while Mr. Tolton leads the award-winning integrated marketing agency Fuel, which has a UK and global client base.

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A spokesperson said: “The consulting firm aims to provide a strategic response to Covid and today’s business challenges by recognizing that employees and customers have new expectations. It helps companies reconnect their teams with their company’s values ​​and ambition to improve talent retention. Customer satisfaction to drive innovation and growth. “

Mr. Thompson said, “Potentuel is here to help companies navigate these extraordinary times. We work with companies to create a universally successful travel destination where every employee can reach their full potential and participate in the innovation and growth of their company.

“The global economy is recovering, but it is facing challenges that range from the supply chain to problems attracting and retaining talent. As a result, the ability and opportunity to connect teams to company values ​​and business results has never been more important.

“Talented people expect them to influence more than just where or how they work. Unlocking this potential in a business-like manner must be a priority while ensuring that the newly qualified employees understand their responsibilities and business priorities. They will reciprocate in their everyday life. “Actions.”

Potentuel has a three-phase strategic program that drives sustainable business growth and is aligned with the needs of customers and stakeholders.

The spokesman added, “The consultancy has identified a number of challenges many companies face as the economy recovers from the pandemic.

“It is argued that Covid has fundamentally changed the way employees think about their business, the way they work and how they relate to their colleagues and the leadership team. Their view of the value of their work and what matters to them has changed, and that “applies to customers too. The change should not be suppressed or ignored, but positively received and promoted. “

Mr. Thompson added, “Understanding people is key. Our approach offers a new way forward with clear planning geared towards commercial goals.

“The program is designed to involve all stakeholders within a company and optimize results during development. Combining this understanding with customer insights will also uncover the triggers and obstacles that determine purchasing decisions in the new world. “