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Data science leader joins Optima Partners – Daily Business

One of the UK’s leading data scientists, Dr. Chris Foleyis to lead the data science team at Edinburgh-based management consultancy Optima Partners.

The company works internationally with well-known customers in the field of data analysis and customer loyalty.

Dr. Foley will join Optima after several years at Cambridge University, where he has worked in AI and advanced data science techniques to uncover the origins of many diseases.

Dr. Foley, who grew up in Dundee and studied mathematics at the University of St. Andrews, will apply his knowledge of strategic data handling in the health, energy and telecommunications sectors.

Alan Crawley, CEO and Founder of Optima Partners, said, “Chris is an authority on how to use AI effectively to drive change. This has a wide range of uses for our customers with far-reaching implications for business strategy. “