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Green advice drives sustainability

Lizzie McMannus

The founder of a Bournemouth-based green consultancy spoke to Insider about his sustainability efforts.

Founded this year, Warrior Agency works with ethical clients and offers PR, social media, brand strategy and influencer marketing services.

It also helps lead businesses towards a more sustainable future and reduce their impact on the environment.

Lizzie McMannus, founder of the company, spoke to Insider about her efforts and plans for the future.

“As an agency that provides environmentally friendly advisory services, reducing our carbon footprint is critical,” she said.

“We used a number of different methods including offsetting carbon through Ecolog: a great website that calculates how much carbon you are using as a business and then planting trees to offset that carbon.

“After only three months we have 82 trees in our forest and have reduced CO2 emissions by 5.3 tons. We are also a really paperless office – apart from the toilet roll – as we don’t have a printer and our business cards are QR codes on our phones, all of our technology has been completely overhauled and we are a plastic-free one-way zone. “

McMannus stated that sustainability was “absolutely” an important aspect for the company.

“As an ethics agency, sustainability is central to all of our clients and we are constantly working to help them improve their sustainability credentials through our Green Consultancy services.

“If we get our own office, which we currently rent, we will invest in a variety of energy-saving and renewable technologies to ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible.”

On the intervention, she concluded, “The government can help by stopping fossil fuel subsidies and instead subsidizing renewable energy. They could also encourage people to invest their pensions in green companies.”