IKEA proclaims its newest challenge, H22, in partnership with a whole metropolis

IKEA announces its newest project, H22, in collaboration with an entire city

The project explores the definition of “home” by developing new living, community and retail ideas that have been jointly developed by IKEA, the citizens of Helsingborg and other local and global partners

IKEA shares the first details of a new partnership with an entire city centering on creating community solutions for a better life at home. The project, named H22, will take place in the Swedish city of Helsingborg and will examine the definition of “home” by developing new ideas for housing, community and retail that are being developed between the company, Helsingborg citizens and other local and global partners were.

City Expo will take place from May 30 to July 3, 2022 at three locations in and around Helsingborg, which was recently recognized by the European Commission as one of the most innovative cities in Europe. Each location will explore a specific challenge related to urban living, from affordable homes to health and wellbeing, while also exploring how IKEA can contribute and become an active partner in community and neighborhood development.

IKEA’s partnership is led by Ingka Group and its Chief Creative Officer, Marcus Engman. “We firmly believe that there is more than four walls to the home – so are our neighborhoods and communities – so the opportunity to co-create H22 is extremely exciting. In the next few years we will use the full potential of the IKEA business model and adopt radically different thinking. By 2022, we aim to present real solutions for sustainable cities that are affordable and practical for people, planets and society. “

Three areas of Helsingborg will be the location for a range of collaboration solutions. In the suburb of Drottninghög, activities are concentrated in three locations: “The Garden”, “The Market” and “The Kitchen”. The Garden will promote urban agriculture and grow fresh produce to prepare delicious local dishes in The Kitchen, which will be sold on The Market along with The Garden’s products. The new development aims to promote the social aspects of inclusion, as well as promoting employment and entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, the city’s port area is becoming a hub for ambitious, innovative ideas for the future of retail, manufacturing and home ownership. Interactive exhibitions of the latest store and product concepts from IKEA show the technologies, functions and products that will shape the home of the future. They will also bring visitors closer to the manufacturing process by opening up IKEA textiles and printing technologies.

Finally, the urban forest of Fredriksdalsskogen will act as a link for the fair. Here, students from various disciplines and institutions will jointly develop solutions for alternative, sustainable temporary living solutions that promote inclusivity and independence and connect the city with nature.

To tell many of the stories behind H22, IKEA will be launching a podcast series called “The Oracle,” which will explore everything from the future of affordable homes and urban retail to food and togetherness to health and wellbeing . This series of hour-long episodes is hosted by industry leaders and local Helsingborg heroes.

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