How you can Use Instagram Reels in Your Advertising and marketing Technique

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Instagram Reels is here and you are probably feeling the pressure to create something.

The question is what are you creating?

Reels is a new Instagram feature that TikTok plays. Short videos, access to music and effects are what distinguish Reels from an IGTV or Instagram story and are very similar to their renegade nemesis.

With reels built into the Instagram platform, this means that attention no longer needs to be shifted to apps – everything can stay in the Instagram app. And this is what every marketer has been asking … how do I use it to get traffic and sales?

We'll show you how.

Before we dive into that, we would like to kindly remind you that your Reels content doesn't have to be brand new. You can use existing content on your blog, podcast, and social channels, and adjust that content to work well on roles. Marketing is all about efficiency. We want to make sure that managing roles doesn't become a full-time job for you. It's just another platform to showcase your products and services.

Here are 4 ways to get traffic and conversions for your products and services using Instagram Reels.

# 1: educational content

No chalk or blackboard is required for educational content. We're not talking about teaching your followers like your Biology 101 teacher did in college. We're talking about letting them know about your products without letting them know about your products. 😉

For example, if you're an agency owner looking to use Instagram Reels to get more customers, you might want to use your existing content to create roles for your customer business owner avatar. These business owners need help with marketing (that's why they'll hire you) which means they'd love to see roles to help them with marketing.

For example, let's say your agency specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads. Your role content will discuss:

  • How To Use Facebook Ads For Beginners
  • The ad theme options to use in your ads
  • Copywriting strategies
  • Use user-generated content in your ads
  • Etc.

Posting educational content will prove your expertise in the Facebook advertising space. Combining this content with lead magnets or an awesome newsletter can move Instagram reel viewers to your website and turn them into subscribers. 🎉

# 2: product reviews / case studies

Your educational content shows your expertise in relation to your product or service – your product reviews / case studies show your satisfied customers.

  • If you're selling a physical or digital one-time product, post product reviews
  • When you sell a service, publish case studies

Instagram Reels gives you a chance to get really creative with how you display your reviews and case studies. You can use the effects, music, and countdown timer features to create native reviews and case studies that will keep your followers entertained.

For product reviews, you can use user-generated content as a product review (you can upload videos and photos as a roll and record your own).

For your case studies, you can take a previous case study published on your blog or used in your sales process, take the headings from each section, and use that as the text in your own video explaining how you got those results are. This text will help visual learners understand what you are talking about as you verbally discuss the details.

* We're in the middle of this article and we want to remind you that you don't have to create brand new content to post on reels. You can use your existing content and turn it into role-friendly posts. *

# 3: behind the scenes content

Behind the scenes content builds the relationship between you and your customer avatar. As you do this to a larger audience, you are building that relationship on a large scale.

For example, if you own an e-commerce fashion company, Instagram Reels can be used to show the background of your choice of your fabric and the delivery of the samples for approval. These roles can act as a bridge between brand and customer, make you more human, and give your customer avatar someone to relate to behind the scenes.

If you own a marketing agency, your Instagram roles can be used to portray a marketer's day-to-day life. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and style of work so that your customer avatar feels they know, like and trust you. We all know what comes after … the sale. 😍

# 4: your company history

Let's face it, when was the last time you found a new product or someone selling a service, went to their website, clicked the info page and thought, "WOW! That was great."

Yeah … it's been quite a long time for us too.

Instagram Reels has the potential to turn this boring brand story into a super interesting one. Instead of going to an info page on a website and reading through a brand story, a prospect can see a dynamic story on reels. This story may include music and old photos, case studies, and your current location as you experienced everything that you experienced when you arrived.

This is not regular content that you post, but it is an Instagram role that shows who you are and why the sale of those products or services goes back to the reason we post BTS content.

It's personable, it's relatable, and it builds relationships.

And there you have it – here is what you can create on Instagram Reels to showcase your expertise in your field, showcase your products and services, and get followers interested in you.

As with any other marketing strategy, the key is to test and review. Test out new content and review the metrics to see how much your audience liked it. Improve and repeat. And then do it all over again. 🤓

Get free access to the DigitalMarketer training library

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