How To Entice Your Ultimate Consumer

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Working with customers who don't suit you well can feel like a dysfunctional relationship. Everyone is unhappy, nobody feels understood and tries as we could, things rarely get good the first time (or the second or third …).

So you fall back on the same old question.

The one who keeps every business owner awake at night.

How do I attract customers I would like to work with?

But guess what? It really isn't as complicated as you might think.

Attracting your ideal customer doesn't have to be stunning. With the help of 1 tool you can successfully win and convert your dream customers.

It starts with the most important step …

Know your ideal customer

If I asked you to describe your ideal customer, what would you say?

"They love spending a lot of money on my products / services!"

Haha very funny…

But can you seriously answer this question seriously in detail?

Because if you don't know who your ideal customer is (what makes them tick, how winning will look like, or what their budget will look like), it's almost impossible to attract them.

So if "a lot of money" is the only deciding factor for your ideal customer, we recommend that you read the worksheet for the customer avatar.

This Holy Grail tool reviews all the important information you need to know about your customers so you can build a better relationship with them.

Use this resource to get into your ideal customer's headspace by thinking about their goals and aspirations, challenges and vulnerabilities, possible objections and more.

If you scratch your head and can't answer the questions on this sheet, this is a good indication that you need to do more research. This can mean many different things, but I'm telling you that the best way to get to know your ideal customer is …

… wait for it …

Talk to them!

You may already have 1 or 2 customers who love the services you offer. These advocates are the people you want to model your customer avatar for, since they have already fallen in love with your company with little or no effort. These are your ideal customers.

Notice; The foundation of any good relationship (business or otherwise) begins with getting to know someone.

Meet your ideal customer wherever he is

Each customer you work with will be unique in their needs, processes and products that they sell.

Fortunately, all of your ideal customers have one thing in common: they're all online.

With 2.6 billion Active monthly users on Facebook and a godless number of Google searches per month (although 1 million of these searches per month actually search for "God"), your perfect customer is bound to be online.

Online advertising is the most time-efficient way to get in touch with your ideal customer. With a few Google ads and one or two Facebook campaigns, you can collect a whole bunch of leads every month.

Your customer avatar can help you target your ads and keywords. While each lead is unlikely to meet your ideal client's criteria, you will find some.

But how do you create ads that appeal to and attract your ideal customer?

Appeal to their current situation

Above all, people want to be heard, understood and cared for.

Think about the last argument you had with your friend or spouse. If you remove all the nuances, you will likely find that the argument comes from someone who ignores, misunderstands, or does not feel cared for in any way.

The same principle applies to your marketing campaigns.

Good marketing appeals to an audience and gives them the feeling of being understood, heard and cared for.

Take for example Harmon Brothers' viral video ads for brands like Squatty Potty, Lume and Poo-Pourri.

Each of her sensational videos begins by calling customers before they get there: that's the current problem the customer is facing.

By detailing the situation and the emotions surrounding the previous state, it is shown that the brand belongs to, understood and took care of the customer. They know the struggles their customers are going through and want to help!

Doing the same in your ads (and not just your video ads) can create a strong connection between you and your ideal customer.

You can use your customer avatar to identify your customer's frustrations and fears.

However, if you point out the before state, it is important to show the after state.

Show them what it will be like if you win with them

You have pointed out your customer's problems, but should not let them hang for too long.

Many marketers make a serious mistake here: they jump directly to the list of product specifications or services.

Here's the thing …

Your customer doesn't care about your product (hard but true). You care what your product can do for you. The worry about the transformation.

It is not your job to point out all the problems. Effective marketing shows how your product or service helps your customers make the transition from the previous state to an ideal after-state.

Products do not convert customers, but transformations do.

So think of your customers who are ideal according to their condition.

How will you feel when you have achieved your goal with your services? What will your everyday life be like after you have used your product / service? What do you have to do now when you work with them?

What will have changed?

These are the things you want to focus on in your advertising.

If you can show your customers their ideal after-condition, they will definitely want to work with you.

Again for the people in the background … Don't sell your product, sell the transformation.

Prove your worth

When you've effectively used the before and after status in your ads, your ideal customer is ready and ready to take the next step.

So what are you doing? You show them an offer that you can easily say yes to.

Don't make the mistake of your great campaign getting your customers ready to spend millions on your products. You may be good, but nobody is so good.

You have to give yourself an opportunity prove your worth to your customer. The best way to do this is to ask for a micro engagement and perform above average.

This is where lead magnets come into play. Lead magnets are a great way to offer your customers immense value without risk.

The lead magnet should not be your main offering, but it should be the natural first step towards your main offering. It should bring a quick profit.

If you ask a little and deliver a lot, your customer knows that you are aware of their problems and you take it seriously to deliver results that will help them overcome these problems.

When you get to know your customer, meet them where they are, and can show them that your product is helping them transform, you are not only attracting your ideal customer, but also converting them.

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