How Experiential Studying Can Assist Us Unlearn Strategically

How Experiential Learning Can Help Us Unlearn Strategically

Most people would agree that knowledge of an ability and experience of it are not the same thing. You can read about all kinds of complex topics, but that doesn't mean they can put what you've learned into practice. In some cases, knowledge is simply not enough. In other cases, knowledge without sufficient experience can even cause problems.

If you want to close the gap between knowledge and knowledge
Experience, experience learning is often seen as the ideal way. It allows
the learner to take what he thinks he knows and put it into practice
safe way. In some cases, it can even show the mistakes in their previous ones
Understanding to demonstrate why the employee has to "unlearn" what he knew
and replace that knowledge with something more effective.

However, that only scratches the surface of something experiential learning can do. To understand how experimental learning benefits employees and organizations, you need to know the following.

From the abstract to the concrete

In some cases, learning goals are somewhat abstract. The
Classes do not focus on scenarios that apply to the role of the learner
a way, reality. This can make the material feel ambiguous, or at least
leads to the fact that the knowledge is difficult to apply.

Everything is more concrete when it comes to learning through experience.
Knowledge and skills are used in a meaningful way, as are relevant ones
Application in the workplace. This not only shows how the function is used, but also
also why it is valuable. As a result, knowledge retention can increase and be real
Behavioral changes in the workplace can occur.

Immersive learning

With experiential learningthe process is immersive. The learner is an active participant who participates directly. As a result, this method is usually more engaging and memorable. The retention of what has been learned is improved and the likelihood that they have found practical applications for what they know is increasing.

Correctly correct incorrect information

Sometimes a person believes they have knowledge of a topic
but the reality is different. However, this can only be seen in one person
tries to put this particular skill into practice just to develop it
less than desirable results. If this happens on a critical business system and
Without someone else's guidance or review, the bad result can be incredible

With experiential learningemployees can find that what they think they know is not right in a safe environment. Even if the result is bad, it can be part of a learning experience that includes room for mistakes. No permanent harm is required as they are guided, monitored and tracked as they work to build the skill.

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