Getting again within the workplace is important for my enterprise – Frankie Healy

The Magenta Office Park at Clyde Gateway

With the car leasing industry, we have developed a special market. Here we have identified a niche in the market that allows brokers to advertise their services on one easy-to-use platform. We now have nearly 60 brokers signed up on our platform and within a year we have captured around 10 percent of the market. If we continue on our current growth path, we will inevitably think about hiring new employees.

We have seen companies from different sectors turn to digital agencies during the pandemic to try to digitize many of their products and services seamlessly.

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Crucial to our success was our decision in 2019 to move to a modern office in Clyde Gateway that will make our collaboration easier. In my opinion, when every team member works remotely, you miss important moments of inspiration, so-called “golden nuggets”. Sitting together, albeit socially distant, is the best way to come up with new ideas and solve existing problems.

The global design consultancy WSP goes one step further and points out that “there is a lot we can learn from this blocking period to make the workplace better and our interactions more effective with it”. They also predict that as countries and regions leave their respective lockdowns, “… organizations must provide safe work environments that increase the comfort factor and ultimately increase productivity and creativity.”

Our original shared office space in a small town was great for getting business going, but when it came to our expansion we needed a convenient location close to Glasgow city center.

As a growing company, the Grade A Magenta Office Park at Clyde Gateway offers us great value for money, state-of-the-art office space and an abundance of spaces for collaboration – both indoors and outdoors.

We were just one of many companies to move to the area after Police Scotland moved more than 1,000 of their administrative, finance and IT staff here, and the transformation of the region can be seen clearly.

Around the Magenta office park there are excellent green spaces around us, which contribute to the well-being and creative thinking of the employees. There are a number of facilities in and around Richmond Park and Glasgow Green, and together these two parks form a “green corridor” that connects the building with the city center.

I totally agree with KPMG UK who say they “don’t believe” [the pandemic] signals the end of the street for offices ”. Her Real Estate in the New Reality report highlights concerns “about the ability of companies to encourage collaboration, coaching and innovation at work from home, not to mention the human need for social interaction.”

As a digital agency, we were well positioned to make the quick homework transition that was being forced upon office workers, and in truth we could easily remain a fully remotely operated company. However, if we are to maintain our current growth path, it is imperative for our team to return to some level of personal interaction.

Frankie Healy is director of the digital agency FIRE5 Digital