Four E mail Campaigns to Increase Conversions

Goodwill email campaign example

Simply put, email marketing is still the highest ROI activity a marketer can do. Period. End of sentence.

Even with the changes in content consumption, the advent of MarTech, and articles claiming email is dead or dying, we've seen (like many others) that email is one of the most effective channels to get around Moving people through the customer value journey.

In our YouTube series Marketing championship with DigitalMarketerI'm talking about 4 of my favorite email campaigns that any company can add to their marketing campaigns to increase the number of openings, clicks and sales.

Number 1: Goodwill campaign

This is a series that offers more benefits and content. This uses some really solid email subject line types, especially Blind & Direct, which I covered in another video that talked about my preferred types of email subject lines.

The REALLY important thing about goodwill emails is making sure that they deliver VALUE and that everything you offer is FREE.

You shouldn't use a goodwill campaign to place a new product or sale. This should involve your audience and offer added value in advance.

In this three-part email series you will be guided with a blind email to arouse interest and curiosity. The subject line doesn't reveal the subject of the content, but excites people to open it.

Subject lines like "This flat-out works" and "Something strange but very (insert word) like profitable, effective, etc." … are a good start.

The body copy must then connect the dots. Remember, subject lines should sell the open and the copy should sell the click. You will want to be SUPER right in your body copy to trigger more action from a blind open.

Here's an example:

Okay, in the next email you have to do a super straight forward with a subject line like "Present …", "Free Report", "Free Video", "Case Study" etc.

From there, just keep the promises in the text copy. You lead with the desired end result and then keep the promise (or how to get there).

The last email uses a different direct subject line and emphasizes the value of the content and teases some of the knowledge in the text copy.

If you want to increase your subscribers' email engagement, this is the perfect campaign to send. Test some different content, and if you have one that works very well, consider automating it for new subscribers (or subscribers who take certain actions … or who DO NOT take any other actions).

Number 2: News Jacker campaign

What convinces people to buy? Well, a lot of things. But people keep buying what's NEW and what's relevant.

A news jacker campaign helps you do BOTH things. If you share a current event, you make the old again and what is even more powerful, make it RELEVANT for your prospect.

For this email, the subject line should immediately contain the source and relevant information.

You can use these 2 formulas:

"Loud (Person in News Article / Video) (Relevant News)"


"(News source) LOVES / HATES (topic)"

From there, the email leads with the relevant part of the message, and you can insert an image with a link to the article. You can choose whether you want to create a link or not. If you create a link, you may lose clicks on your offer, but you can also alienate your reader because you did not provide the source information.

Another way to do this is to link your source with a link at the end of the email or in a P.S. with a copy like "Would you like to read the article?" or "Would you like to see the video?" You can do that here.

Next, make the pivot. In general, you want to compare two binary options with a unique option. From there, simply link to your corresponding sales page and your offer and you can start participating in the races.

Example of an email campaign

This is a great campaign to attract potential customers in the middle of a promotion who have not yet recognized the relevance of your offer.

Number 3: Profit / logic / fear campaign

Ah, the old campaign "profit, logic, fear". This campaign is one of the most effective ways to generate conversions from your email list.

You typically send this after a subscriber has received free valuable content from you (either new subscribers who signed up using a lead magnet or someone who was involved in your goodwill campaign).

The email cadence breaks down as follows:

First, send an email to see how they are using the free resource and to submit a quote for a related product that focuses on the product benefits and content. For example:

"Oh, hey, do you like Facebook ads? We have this Facebook ad scaling course that you should take a look at. "

Next, send an email with all the logical reasons why you should accept the offer. These usually do the worst, but appeal to your more "logical" subscribers, who would make fun of more emotional buying decisions.

Finally, bring in the fear. This is best done with scarcity. Generally, you offer the product at a discount during GLF campaigns. At this point, let them know that the price will go up.

Many people say that there is no inspiration like the deadline, which in this case could not be truer.

GLF is a proven email strategy that is great for new subscribers who want to turn them into new customers.

Number 4: need help? campaign

To top it off, let's look at a standalone email that is designed to sell higher ticket items and is perfect for anyone selling coaching or do-for-you services.

Simple subject lines like "Can I help you with (result)?" or "Do you need help?" are enough to get subscribers to open and read your message.

It is important that you send this email to a part of your target group that fulfills a certain qualification. You would not use this as a broadcast email. YOU NEED to know the details about the subscriber and their problem and have indicators that indicate that they are at a point on the Value Journey where this message is relevant!

To sum it up again:

  1. The goodwill campaign
  2. News Jacker campaign
  3. Gain Logic Fear Campaign
  4. Do you need help? campaign

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