Fortunate Model shuts down its web site and shops for #BlackoutTuesday

Lucky Brand closes his website and saves for #BlackoutTuesday

Lucky Brand closes its stores and website as an expression of unity and empathy for the continued plight of the Black Community

With longstanding ties to music culture and a mission with social impact based on showing gratitude by giving something back to the LA community through partnerships with local grassroots programs. Happy brand, an American denim company, welcomes its reputation for provoking accountability and change.

#BlackoutTuesday is a day of commercial disruption and community reflection that shows solidarity with the black community and their fight against racial injustice.

The Lucky Brand website, stores and offices will be closed on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. Employees receive a paid leave to consider recent events in Minneapolis and demonstrations in the United States. This day off is an intentional cessation of trade and typical business, both as an expression of unity and compassion for the continuing plight of the black community.

Employees are encouraged to engage with their local community, to demonstrate peacefully, to work with officials who protect the right to do so, or to volunteer to contact local organizations to help remove destruction caused by looting in neighborhoods from Los Angeles and across the country.

For just one day, Lucky Brand is committed to continuing this effort and establishing internal formats, dialogues and programs to learn how to be part of the solution and to work with organizations that are the cause of immediate and meaningful changes.

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