FLSV® Fund Consulting Providers, LLC Pronounces Joe Lacovara Will Be New Head Of Enterprise Operations

GARDEN CITY, NY and WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., February 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – FLSV® Fund Consulting Services, LLC (“FLSV® FCS”), a leading provider of operations and technology advisory services to private alternative mutual funds, family offices and investment managers, announced today Joe Lacovara is now the head of business operations and will run the business in the future. This role was previously played by Julius Garcia.

“While sitting with investment managers, we found that the main focus was on increasing efficiency and profitability through technology and the need for an independent review of systems and reporting, taking into account cybersecurity concerns. Given the current global environment and competitive With the operational challenges mutual funds face today, we believe that having strong advisory resources to address these technology-related challenges is essential to adding value to our clients, “he said Charles J. Vallone, Founding partner of Frankel Loughran Starr & Vallone LLP (FLSV®). “We knew Joe Lacovara both personally and professionally for many years and have great respect for his knowledge, expertise and achievements in advising the investment management community on technology-related issues. Joe is an industry veteran with years of experience building successful investment management companies. We are confident that Joe will be successful in this role. We are very excited that Joe is leading FLSV® FCS into the future. ”

“FLSV® FCS Services will build on and expand upon the FLSV® service offering to help customers maximize the operational efficiency of their business,” said Lacovara. “The FLSV®FCS team will provide strategic advice and services aimed at increasing productivity, leveraging technology, reducing cyber and operational risks, and improving costs.” Joe Lacovara completed.

about Joe Lacovara

Mr. Lacovara was a former partner and chief technology officer of Perella Weinberg Partners (“PWP”). Prior to PWP, Mr. Lacovara was Head of Development for Tribeca Global Management (Citi Alternative Investments) and Manager of Back Office Technology at SAC. Prior to SAC, he was vice president of technology in the prime broker groups at Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. Mr. Lacovara lives in new York.

About FLSV® Fund Consulting Services, LLC (“FCS”)

FLSV® Fund Consulting Services, LLC (“FLSV® FCS”), a division of Frankel Loughran Starr & Vallone LLP provides operations and technology advice to private alternative investment funds, family offices and investment managers. These services include startup services and startup requirements, technology consulting services to improve operational efficiency, and managed services for full-service expertise solutions. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, business development, technology and operations consulting, supplier selection and management, CTO services, COO operations and support, controller services, and CCO technology support. FLSV® FCS is an outsourced resource that can be used to identify and implement operational improvements, strengthen controls, minimize risks and increase overall profitability.

about Frankel Loughran Starr & Vallone LLP

Frankel Loughran Starr & Vallone LLP (FLSV®) is a leading tax, accounting and advisory firm that has served financial services clients, investment managers, private clients, family offices and corporations and their owners since it was founded in 1995. FLSV® with over 100 specialists looks after customers through several offices in The United States. As a strategically independent member company of wts global, FLSV® offers its customers cross-border tax and consulting expertise as well as local competence resources and planning via a global network that covers over 100 countries.

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